Comments of my own

Mrs. G, I love American Thanksgiving better than the Canadian one because a certain boy is back in the east and I will get to see him for this one!  However, I did VERY much enjoy my Canadian Thanksgiving weekend with Lean and her family and Thori.

So yeah, Andrew, I guess that would be pretty selfish motives, eh?  Oh well.  I don’t care.  I love Thanksgivings!  But I still like them best when I’m at home.  Yes, I was homesick last night but it’s okay, you helped, and didn’t make it worse.

No, Mrs. Steele, Miss S is on our side of the border, so it can’t be that.  Strange, though.
Buttering me up ain’t gonna help you, though.  Just to let you know!  And yeah, you’d better leave that can of worms closed…you don’t want to go there…unelss you want me to pull up examples to prove my point, perhaps!?!?
Wow…the things you do to get a new color thingy!  But that one doesn’t show your picture!  I don’t know why it sent your comment for moderation…that’s strange…maybe something to do with the ones where you accidentally typed in the wrong address?  I don’t know.  Strange.   Again!  But no, I promise I didn’t block you, and I DO trust you!  Blocking…yes, I might threaten, but they’re kinda like April’s threats to me…empty…’cause see, there’s this problem called “I don’t even know HOW to block people”!!!  So, you’re safe.

Miss Steele, you can put your comments in anonymously, you know.  But you’ll have to type in a random different email address if you don’t want your color thingy to show up the same as all your others.  Uh oh…am I helping you go against your mother’s commands?  I think I’d better shut my trap now before I get into huge trouble!

Well…just found out the staff did some class switching and canceling for tomorrow, when we leave for American Thanksgiving, soooo…I will be leaving earlier than expected, so I will not be able to block anyone blog at all tomorrow, likely.  So, I shall be gone till Sunday.

Now…I know it’s hopeless to tell you guys to behave, so I’m not even gonna bother.  Be nice, don’t do anything you’ll regret later, um…yeah, I give up, ’cause I know you’re gonna have a heyday!  I might check in later this weekend if I find internet somewhere…we’ll see.

Just so you all know, I love you all a LOT…even if you are “troublemakers”!  And I DO trust you all…just not with my blog password!


One thought on “Comments of my own

  1. Yeah… you KNOW you love us all! and LOVE to get back and find out what all those little “mice” in your computer do while the “cat” is away…

    though, I’m beginning to notice that things are changing… as all things do…. that we all aren’t quite as important as that certain someone who’s going to make this Thanksgiving special. Here – I thought it was because the American Thanksgiving serves better food, or reminds you of me!… oh well… yes – you’re right, that certain someone is pretty handy at being blameable… 🙂

    Love you! Happy Thanksgiving! Give our greetings to Nesser!

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