April is Back!

Poker Chips!!!???!!!, Basement Operation!!!!!?????!!!!! Okay that does it! This called for drastic measures. I’m back to finish what I started! With friends like that who needs enemies! (Basement Operation – who needs a basement when one has a greenhouse!) And I spent three months at your house Miss Lois – ya want me telling stories on you?

As for the bag of chips – they happen to be dill pickle!!!!!!!  And don’t worry Mrs. G, even though you could wake me up in the morning with the slightest rattle of a chip bag, I haven’t been completely won over to their side. As for the camera chaperone idea – I’m liking that idea. Miss Lois I am quite sure I COULD figure out how to post a video!

Empty threats – hmm… I might be inclined to take that one personally this weekend Lois (insert evil laugh) Sorry Mrs. Steele but MY halo is a little rusty right now. Let’s see… I think I’ll ask my wonderful angelic sisters for some ideas! And if Lois ever figures out how to block people, let me know and I’ll change her password on her! Then she will be exiled from her blog until she decides to be nice!

And don’t worry I’ll do my best to keep her from getting internet access while she is here. I would rather she was back at school before she finds out what I did!

I think I like both Thanksgivings. I am especially happy for American Thanksgiving right now cause I am really looking forward to this visit. (I know she isn’t just coming to see Nesser.) She is a wonderful friend and I am forever grateful for her coming East. (Just thought I should try to redeem myself!)

This has been wonderfully fun! Hope ya’ll take full advantage of this weekend! I may just have a movie or two to post next time! Yup, this girl definately doesn’t have a shiny halo like some people, but that’s okay. I kinda like it that way!


43 thoughts on “April is Back!

  1. Change her password on her? THAT would be funny!!!! Then you could give ALL of us the new password and we’ll call it mutiny!!!

    My shiny halo….. Hmmm…….. I’ll put it back on after the weekend!

  2. YES!!!!! April’s BAAAAAAAACK!

    my halo’s not rusty! I shine it up quite often…. wonder why it needs it so often?????

    I think Lois has created a “monster”…. you think???? 🙂 (insert very evil laugh here!)

    So – I met Nesser today and talked directly to April…. cool! They need to come to Wisconsin!!!!! 🙂 while we’re at it, I’ll take the Steele’s and Lois, and Andrew, and their parents! We’re much more mild weather than you all! Come vacation here!

  3. Man, Lois has nothing to worry about when none of the troublemakers comment! We should start a real good conversation! I’m lacking imagination tonight so i’ll leave the task to someone else.

  4. Wow! I think April just showed us irrefutable proof about which side she’s on! And it sure ain’t Lois’s! Now if I could just guess the password as well, I could post my OWN comments, right on the front page of her blog! By the way, I love the ingenuity of posting on her blog using her password. April, I think we’ll have to give you a recommendation for a higher posting as our inside operative.

    On the other hand, something tells me your cover has just been blown sky-high. Oh-well.

    Sorry Mrs Steele! I’m a mouse who’s supposed to be nibbling, but time is in precious demand.

    HEY – I JUST HAD AN IDEA! What if we all post a poem about Lois? (note to all – discretion is advised – subject can be extremely dangerous and can react without provocation).

    From the East to the West,
    To a Bible school among the best;
    Almost finished this year her third,
    Like a swift flying bird.

    From the East to the West,
    To find friendship in those she had not guessed,
    She loved, laughed and lived with them,
    And keeps their friendship as a jeweller a gem.

    From the East to the West,
    To find the one blest,
    With a heart after God,
    And his feet on the sod!

    From the West to the East,
    Like wise men from the East;
    At Christmas she’ll come with good cheer,
    For, oh sure, she’s such a dear!

  5. Sorry to destroy your rhyme scheme (that wasn’t just sudden inspiration was it? if so, you’re a poet and I didn’t even know it) but…I think she went from the West to the East and for Christmas she’ll be coming from the East to the West….

  6. Btw, thanks April! Without you, life would be pretty dull and boring for the rest of us while Lois is preoccupied and twitterpated!

  7. Well…..my life is neither dull nor boring….. time is an issue….. but I like your idea Andrew…..

    I put everyone to thinking about Lois poems and stories…..

    Hopefully they will follow soon!!!!

    Mrs. G….. we beat you to Thanksgiving! Canadians are way up on that!!!!

    But yes we will be giving thanks this weekend as well. Have a GREAT one!!!

  8. And I actually do mean EVERYONE!!!!! Littlest Steele is the only one excluded.

    Her pic is the only thing of herself to grace this blog spot!

  9. hey! I actually saw that picture on Mrs. Steele’s comment!

    I think we should go together and get internet access for April! She is definitely at an disadvantage! Our line of communication is lacking! How can we give her our wonderful devious ideas to implement?

    Or should we do our devious – tho’, of course, quite innocent – scheming on another blog? Then LOIS would have to work harder at keeping up with us. . .

  10. so… poems, eh?

    I sadly don’t have a whole bunch of irons in the fire here…. so to speak… to help with the poems… It will take me a whole lot longer to be creative that way…

    and concerning the following statement: – “discretion is advised – subject can be extremely dangerous and can react without provocation).” – it may take me a great deal more time to comply….

    Andrew – it seems like you’ve had a fair amount of experience to be able to write such a statement…. care to share? 🙂

  11. There once was a girl named Lois –
    who had a great cat named Sir Moris –
    Then Lois sneezed,
    and she said with a wheeze,
    I’ll have to rename you Miss Doris!

    Ok – I know it’s pretty lame….
    and oh – so very tame….
    I’ll wait to hear from Steeles,
    and see then how I feel…s…

  12. Miss S, you are sharp! I see my poetic nature interfered with my accuracy! What a shame! ANYWAY

    Mrs G, who’s other blog are you talking about? I like your poem.

    In regards to my personal experience with the subject in question, I value my life, limb and liberty. Some things are better left unsaid! As they say, “this is an unsecured line”. Beware the girl with the halo!

  13. That I do…
    Okay here’s my go a a poem…

    “to have a halo so shiny
    one can’t be mean or whiny
    One must be kind
    do you think this describes lois?

    To have a halo of purest gold
    one can’t leave friends out in the cold
    one can’t pick a fight
    or give another a fright
    do you think this describes lois?

    to have a halo that is not rusty
    one must be faithful and trusting
    one must say nice things
    and never nasty things
    do you think this describes lois?

    lois’s halo is not gold or shiny
    but falling off a horn
    and very, very rusty!
    she might delete this
    which i hope she does not
    but cherishes it always
    for i will share my extras always”

    okay so the rhyme scheme left near the end but was that ever FUN!

  14. it was better than mine! 🙂

    tho – it might be awfully close to that line that was mentioned… “discretion is advised – subject can be extremely dangerous and can react without provocation”

  15. Yes, I like the poems….. Hmmm….. extremely dangerous……… reacting without provocation you say?

    I sincerely value the friendship we share will darling Miss Lois. Halo or not.

    Steele’s 4,5, and 6 came up with some fun stories…… do you think Lois likes them well enough to not react TOO harshly?…. they are so young …. it could have lasting effects should one so cherished to their hearts fly off the handle……

    I shall maybe have to restrain myself from publishing them for the safety of their tender hearts.

    Andrew….. is she REALLY dangerous? Well…. that is not a fair question….. since it could put you at risk as well…. it is only a few more days till she heads “east to west or west to east or wherever!!!” Not enough time for her to simmer down before she sees you…. if it really is as bad as you say!

    And we have discovered in the last few days how….. well how should we say…… she can……… well… um….. you know…. do things you don’t expect…… like……… TELL ON YOU!!!!!!!! AND SHOW PICTURES TO PROVE IT!!!

  16. Hey! I should start a new blog. all of us would have the password(except lois of course) we would call it BugLois.com! is that a good idea? i think so!

  17. oops! that name was not supposed to go on there. i was logged into my own blog when i typed that so it automatically put my info on it. so april, if you could edit that, i’d much appreciate it. or lois, if it has not been changed when you read this, please do change it. thank you

  18. not sure that she can… My understanding is that she has very limited access to internet at home… and the library isn’t open today, I’m assuming!

    I propose that we vote about the Steele’s 4, 5, and 6 poems… majority rules.

    Grandmas get 3 votes each.
    Steele’s get 2 votes each.
    April and any other family members get 2 points each.
    Brothers get 2 votes each.
    and Lois… she gets 1/2 a vote… (see – she’s special – she gets TWO numbers!)

    We want to be fair about this… so – here’s my vote… YES – that makes 2 Points so far!

  19. Well….. the mouse should be returning soon….. so I better take the time to enter these poems and stories…… the votes have been tallied…. and the majority wins!!!!

    Steele #1 has already posted her poem…..


    From #3

    For fun you like to pull my braid
    And for its length you might like to trade
    My mother asked if I would write
    And on my face? A look of sheer fright!

    And so my dear mother, bless her heart
    Chose to write Steele Three’s part!

  20. From #2

    Seeking a means of escape….
    I saw my chance….
    A look of fright on my face must dance!

    And so our dear mother
    Is stuck writing another!

    From the real #2

    Hi Lois!
    Bye Lois!
    It rhymes!!!!

  21. From #5

    Preface: Lois…. in case you are wondering after the stories that follow…. the fact is YOU ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO ALL THE LITTLE STEELES!!!! (Big ones too.) DO NOT LET ANYTHING CAUSE YOU TO DOUBT IT!!!!!!

    For the fullest effect, the following should be read in a little boy’s growly voice:

    Once upon a time there was a wolf. He was going to get breakfast. And then….. he saw….. LOIS! (Insert gasp from all the Steeles gathered around listening as this story was dictated to Mother Steele. “No!!!! Don’t eat our precious Lois!)

    The wolf went around the tree, then he went around the house.

    He went climbing up the house. (She already had the chimney up.) And then he jumped down the chimney.

    The wolf went to the fridge and ate up all the food.
    Then he climbed back up the chimney and went and….

    ATE LOIS UP!!!! (Insert another gasp all around!)

    Then the big bad wolf went home.

    Then he went to find lunch.

    He found Lois’s friend Nesser, and ate him up too.

    (At this point #5 was finished….. so we added that Lois and Nesser were in the wolf’s tummy and they lived happily ever after!!)

  22. From #6

    Once upon a time there was a bear and he saw one of Lois’s friend who was building a house out of hay.

    The bear saw the chimney. The bear climbed up the house and ate up all the food and honey.

    The bear climbed out, then ate Lois and her friend.

    The bear went home and then he gave the food to their kids and babies.

    The bear went to get more food. And the bears lived happily ever after.

    (Mother Steele asked “What about Lois and her friend?)

    “They didn’t live happily ever after cuz they got “aten” and they had a mad face in there!”

  23. The previous stories were entered as they were told. #5 told his… then #6 told hers…. and as you see things were going a little down hill….. not everyone lived happily ever after in the second story.

    WELL!!! Things went from bad to worse!!!

    The third story to be told came from Steele #4.

    The story began with Lois and her friends and quickly moved to bears, wolves, and skeletons.

    We quickly decided it was time to play outside in the sun and the snow for a while!!!

    When his story was finished #4 pronounced, “Nice story! Is it!!”

    We love you Lois….. REALLY!!!

  24. From Mother Steele:

    Lest you think ill of me,
    For using my time foolishly,
    Composing rhymes on behalf of my children,
    Then typing them in as I wear a grin.

    Time for friends is never a waste,
    But the work is calling so I must make haste.
    We love you Lois, we truly do,
    And we look forward to the day when we get to see you!

  25. I noticed that I made a mistake above…. the CAT will be returning soon…. not the mouse!!

    It is us wee cute mice that have been here all weekend!

    I also noticed that some editing was done….. am I mistaken or is there someone with a password……. working in silence?

    I like mysteries…… Mrs. G…. is it you with the e-mail password? THAT would give you access to editing comments!!!

    Well … whoever you are….. go ahead and make it the cat that will be returning soon.

  26. something tells me that the “cat” is actually back, and has read all the comments, etc…. but…. didn’t have time to properly respond, and just did the small bit of editing…

    No – it’s not me – I’m not sure if I TRUST ME with the password… then I’d have to responsible – I can surely relax and let someone else do that job.

    loved the stories and poems…. wanted to hear #4’s story… which involved the skeletons!

  27. Lois, WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you recall that you left us all living in your blog… you didn’t leave any food or water for us…. good thing we’re hardy!

    So – it’s time to come back – before I try rhyming again.

  28. well, whenever lois DOES read these comments, she is seriously going to think that we have WAYYYY to much time on our hands!

  29. I think you have to much time on your hands… My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the words…35 comments (now 36). Wow. Hey..no one commented on my new post!

  30. Yes – 37 comments – WOW! Mice (er, people) have been very busy. I think Mrs G is right – Lois is back and silently listening in on our conversations. And she’s either laughing uproariously and plotting a comeback and editing our comments, or crying herself to sleep and wishing she never met such persons as ourselves (I vote the former). Hi Lois!!

    Yeah, this has been a fun romp in the woods. Too bad April wasn’t around to see the fun of what she started! I bet she was too busy eating chips and taking videos.


  31. yeah! she should at least send some to us, eh? “I like to share with you! I like to share with you! It makes me smile to see you smile! I like to share with you!”

  32. It isn’t that often that Lois is gone for a week at a time…I’m sure wondering what mischievous things that she’s doing…

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