My excuses….

You guys have more and more fun every time I go away, don’t you?!  April, I would threaten to ban you from my blog, but I think everyone else would be broken-hearted, so I probably won’t, I guess!

For those of you who have suggested that I am back, but too busy with Nesser, please allow me the pleasure of telling you just how my day went yesterday.
6:45 AM  –Alarm rings!
7:00    — Breakfast
7:20    — Unpacking, cleaning my room, talking to the girls, making my bed, dressing for class
8:00    –Class time
10:15    — Ran back between chapel and my next calss to call Nesser and tell him I was wrong about Christmas Banquet — off-campus people can’t come unless they’re engaged.  And we are not
10:25    — Back to class
12:20    — Finished class!  Unpacked my books, put them away, started my computer up, pulled out my English books
12:30     — Lunch, checked mail, talked to Mrs. Dean about watching a required video at their house, talked to Mommy RA (from last year) about if I could use the office to work for Mr. Brain this afternoon
1:00    — Finished my resume for English, hunted for a sample online, wrote a cover letter, printed it, typed up this week’s memory verse for the girls, printed it, took it to the office to cut it with the paper cutter (does that thing have an official name?) and taped it up all over in the bathroom, typed up my chapter titles from the weekend, explained to Lynne how a cover letter works, waited a few minutes for her to finish hers and print it off so I could take it over with mine, wrote 2 quick letters, checked my email and blog.  LAUGHED at the blog.  Shook my head.  Edited a few comments, till my session timed out and it wouldn’t let me modify anything else.
2:30    — Went to hunt down Mr. Dean to ask him about Christmas banquet rules.  He was busy.  Tried to hunt down Mr. Brain to work for him, but he was gone.  Wrote him a note.  Turned in my papers.  Sat down outside Mr. Dean’s office to read a few chapters in Proverbs while I waited.  Talked to Mr. Dean when he was free.
2:50    — Ran back to the dorm to drop off my Bible, grab a sweater and my camera, and walked over to Mrs. President’s with Lynne
3:00    — Senior girls’ Christmas party at Mrs. President’s with Mrs. M, Mrs. Music, and 10 of us girls.
6:00    — Left the party early, grabbed my wallet, and jumped in the car with 2 other student council members to go to Town to pick up supplies for decorating the lounge and Dining Hall for Christmas
7:10     — Came back to the dorm to change my shoes and grab my camera again.  Called Nesser for about 3 minutes to say I’d be out late and might not call later ’cause it would be late.
9:15    — The Student Council finished decorating the lounge and Dining Hall — 3 hours, compared to last years 5 1/2 — we rock!
9:20    — Did my devotions, finished my chapter titles, printed them off
10:00    — Jumped in the shower.  About 10 minutes after I got out, one of my girls came to talk to me.  Talked till late.  Nesser tried calling, and I told the girl who answered to tell him I’d call back later.
11:15    — Phone rang again, so I ran for it, having just finished praying with the girl.  It was April!  Talked a few minutes, then agreed to talk Tuesday instead ’cause we were both really tired.
11:25    — Called Nesser for a few minutes.  Told him Banquet probably wouln’t work ’cause of school rules
11:35    — Attempted to call Grandpa for his birthday, but there was no answer.  Just as well anyway.  I was exhausted, and I had been all day.
11:40    –BEDTIME!!!!


21 thoughts on “My excuses….

  1. Hi Lois!
    Glad you are back!!!! Whew!!! I am out of breath reading your days happenings.

    Crazy! Good thing though. If you were not busy you would have more time to get more lonesome …. for all the people and places you miss. 🙂

    And R I was thinking like you…… I figured Lois was up to some mischief with the blog to get even with all of us cute little mice. 😉

  2. Hey Lois!
    Glad you are back!
    Reading your daily log I was out of breath!

    Glad you are busy though…. less time to be lonesome!

    R…. I was thinking like you….. I figured she was up to some mischief to get even with us for all the activity over the weekend!

  3. Call it Computer Alzheimers!!!! My computer told me the first comment did not go through!!!! That is why it looks like I am repeating myself!

    Then…. when I posted the second comment…. they BOTH showed up :~

    I am NOT going crazy…..

  4. LOL!!! Look, Mrs. Steele — your own cohorts are turning on you!

    Your first comment was from a different email address again, and was awaiting moderation. And I couldn’t approve it right away because my computer was doing its silly time-out thing, so I couldn’t get at it for a while!

  5. sorry andrew. i know how to change the name on the post. my mom was the last one to post a comment and i forgot to change her name to my own! I hope you eventually get us straightened out cause although i am her daughter we are VERY different people!!!!! that is NOT a bad thing. it is good. sorry for any inconvenience to your mind.

  6. Andrew….. GETTING confused???? I’ve been there for YEARS!!!!!! Just ask Mr. G!

    Do what I do…. when I see Steele…. I just figure it has to be one of them…. either will do…. then – if it sounds motherly, it’s Mrs…. if it sounds sassy, then it’s Miss….. if it’s sassy, but a bit guilty sounding…. it’s Mrs….

    Then – at times it might be possible to tell them apart by these signs… Mrs. Steele almost always uses correct capitalization and more paragraphs, Miss Steele’s writing may be like those of us that are getting used to texting and IMing (and find it easy to do away with these things when you’re typing to talk… not specifically write [can you tell that I’m trying to excuse the times that I don’t capitalize????])- no caps at the beginning – sometimes longer paragraphs or she doesn’t space between paragraphs… kind of like this paragraph…

    Now – all this is only speculative…. but perhaps this allows you, Andrew, to analyze each writer… if you desire….

    in fact – if you want a “who’s who” of this blog…. read on….

    now – not to leave out Lois… if the writing sounds defensive, and slightly boisterous, it’s Lois… though we usually know it’s her – since she’s the main one who posts on this blog…

    if it’s boisterous – full of threat, but no real follow through – slightly protective – it’s, well, you, Andrew! 🙂

    if it’s April…. then she usually announces herself – so we know our “plant” (operative) is in place… however, she’s been known to leave her post for potato chips… dill pickle, was it?

    it it’s “R”… then she’s usually a one-liner… tempted to join our side, but wanting to remain loyal to Lois… so – don’t trust her with secret plans yet, but I have hope of bringing her to our side.

    if it’s me – well – then it will be full of… well…, “…’s”

    if it’s silent – it’s Jerry – who’s unsure how to handle all of us! 🙂

  7. You just NEVER know when you are being analyzed or what information is used to come up with the analysis.

    I am not so sure that I feel safe here any more!

  8. of course it’s Mrs. Steele if it sounds guilty! i’m NEVER guilty cause i NEVER do anything wrong!
    i, for one, think i got a very good and accurate analysis. i like it. thank you mrs. g!

  9. Mrs. Steele – would you like a private session? 😀 We can work something out – all for just the price of the phone call. I do have a missionary rate – but it uses email… 🙂

    you did see, Mrs. Steele, that I gave you the compliment that you are superb at keeping your grammar, capitalization, punctuation… I truly admire that! I’m getting lazier and lazier – it doesn’t help that my Word program capitalizes the first letter of every sentence for me….

    Miss Steele – there was perhaps a reason I didn’t say that you don’t sound guilty…. but we’ll leave that there!

    If I had to be brutally honest… I, too, have my times of being sassy – and I’m not at all sure that I sound guilty either…. but it’s much easier to analyze others than myself!

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