Introducing Jerry

Lois & Jerry - Aug. 30/08

Lois & Jerry - Aug. 30/08

Have any of you been wondering WHO exactly you’ve been harassing me about??  Here’s a face for you to put to the name.  Only, I’m also making an official name change. (not my own!  Relax, people!)  Nesser is now going to be called Jerry.  I never really did like Nesser (the name, the name, I mean, not the guy!), but it had a funny meaning which I can’t explain right here, otherwise it gives too much away for my comfort on a blog.  So his name is now officially Jerry.  I like it much better 🙂


12 thoughts on “Introducing Jerry

  1. I like that picture. it’s cute. but i think i mentioned that to you that last time i saw it, didn’t i? or did i? i think i’ve lost it!
    and lois, if you value that halo i lent you i would advise that you refrain from commenting on that last statement.

  2. Hi Jerry! tho I do have a memory problem – so you may get stuck with the other name every so often! 🙂

    Nice picture! It’s nice to see it bigger than you had on MSN!

  3. Um, exactly who on this blog hasn’t seen Jerry’s picture?

    In other words, you just wanted an excuse to post his picture on your blog!

  4. No, Miss Steele, you didn’t see it, ’cause it was taken just before I came back east. And — I will restrain myself with GREAT difficulty!

    Andrew — I don’t think R’s seen it. So — well, you know what I would tell you to do with your trap at this point! (that was said in love, with a smile)

  5. I feel this motherly instinct to say, “now, now… let’s not quarrel…” done with more of a grandmotherly smile and nod of the head… (perhaps… “tisk, tisk” would be better….

    but…. I think you’re NOT quarreling, and that you’re both truly enjoying it! 🙂

  6. aahhhh – I missed all that by being grandma and mom to those who are my kids and my grandkids and sister to my sister and auntee to my niece and my grandnieces!

    ymgk – yes my grandkids
    ymk – yes my kids

    but – point taken – nmk’s – so – enjoy!

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