nhf = not his fault

Yes, I’ve been a sinner and not posted again the last couple nights.  I apologize.  Once again, I promise, it was not HIS fault!  (I’m sorry — I’ve got all kinds of MDP acronyms running through my brain — nmp — not my problem!  nmk — not my kid!  nmm — not my mom!  nmb — not my brother!  nmf — not my fault!)

Girls coming to talk, phone calls (not to him), extreme tiredness lately, etc. are the cause.  And right now, I really should be doing other things, not being online, so I must depart.

Christmas Banquet is tonight.  That equals no homework this afternoon, but decorating instead, for me.  This is also the afternoon that our dorm goes haywire.  Girls running up and down halls, back and forth between our two dorms — “I need someone to curl my hair!”  “Does anyone have a black sweater?”  “I need a pair of green earrings!”  “Can someone pin this for me?”  “My hair looks awful!!!  Somebody help me!!!”  Yeah.  You get the point!  Gotta love it!


6 thoughts on “nhf = not his fault

  1. Thank you for the post Lois….
    Did you know something? It is NOT a sin to not post on your blog!! I know you know that…. just wanted to remind you!

    Enjoy your banquet…. and all the craziness leading up to it!

  2. It is FUN to be a girl!!! Enjoy it Lois and don’t let your big brother’s hassling get to you…. You likely won’t …. I grew up with a big brother….. They are great!!!! Just fun to bug back!

  3. If anyone else is trying to keep up why the same picture is from different people, or who’s who in general, please feel free to check out our unofficial “who’s who” in comments under the post entitled, “My Excuses”

  4. Lois – if you do check your blog this weekend, please know that I hope you have a very enjoyable weekend. Glad you enjoyed the banquet tonight. Post pics sometime, or show them to me later. I look forward to it! Love you!

  5. Jerry – just in case you’re reading this – I, like others we both know well, may threaten, but rarely able to follow through – so even though it SOUNDS like I may blame you for everything… – we’re – okay – I’ll speak only for myself – I’M just a little jealous of your being able to be there with Lois and wish we – I MEAN “I” – could get to know you better in person!

    Be careful of Mr. G, though – Lois may not be his daughter “nmd” but he’s kind of protective anyway 🙂

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