I have company again

Well, April, if you’re in internet-land, you might need to stand in the gap for e again this weekend, ’cause I got company tonight.  😀

Christmas Banquet was lovely and a lot of fun.  Freshman year was fun.  Last year was NOT.  This year was.  I don’t know what makes the difference!  I helped decorate the Dining Hall, came back to the dorm for an hour (man, total craziness!) then went back to work (I was waitressing the meal).  It was quite enjoyable, actually.

Was about to head to town tonight after Banquet, then figured I’d better call Jerry to see if he was coming up this weekend.  He skirted the issue and side-stepped my questions and it turned out they (he and his friend) were already IN town, on their way here!  So I got Nikki (his friend’s girlfriend) and we got in the car with McTom, I made up an excuse to need to go to a certain store in town, and when we drove into the parking lot, they were there.  Nikki screamed.  Man.  My ear will never be the same!

Ahh….I love life!


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