Studying for exams.  Haven’t done a whole ton of studying yet, but somehow, we’re starting to go a little bonkers already.  We were laughing hysterically at our table at supper over pretty much nothing at all.  And when Lynne found a hair in her mouth while she was eating her apple, another girl shook her head gravely and remarked disapprovingly, “The person who made that apple obviously wasn’t wearing a hair net!”  We laughed our heads off.  Yes, it must be exam time.  Exam time can get scary!

Romans, Missions, Christian Ethics, Theology, and Old Testament — 5 exams to go, and then I get to leave on Friday morning!!  Off to the Bunnetts for a couple days before I fly.  I am looking forward to Christmas Break.  A LOT!

Back to the books…if you never hear from me again, it means I died studying…


4 thoughts on “Studying…

  1. Lois, I am sorry I haven’t commented….. do you want my excuses/reasons? …. I have them…. honest!

    I am sure you will not die studying…. the opposite in fact! Life will grow and flourish in you as you study HIM!!! Enjoy…. I pray that you are able to keep sight of HIM in the busyness of studying Him.

  2. a quick in and out… I figured that you didn’t need my distractions… 🙂 I don’t want to be the cause of any “not studying”

    though I see you’re doing it yourself- changing pictures . . . ? 🙂

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