Heaters, exams, and politics

2 more exams…then I’m GONE!!!

Something very strange happened this morning.  I leaned over to pick something up by the heater and — I felt HEAT coming out of it!  Like, literally radiating out of it!!!  We have the cold dorm this year…AND the cold floor of the dorm.  So feeling HEAT come out of the heater is actually kinda unusual.  Usually I feel it coming out of my blow drier.  Blow driers make real good little heaters, by the way.  (You can tuck that away in your “useless information” file)

Our world is coated with a sheet of ice.  Walking across the parking lot is a challenge …a scary one!  During supper last night Melody said she was scared to go outside after eating.  We had experienced pretty much every option for weather possible except a tornado, so she was pretty sure that’s what it would be doing when she went out!  I’ve given up on saying whether it’s snowing/raining, etc.  I now call it “slahainowing” (slush/hail/rain/snow) or “precipitating.”

I did my laundry at Mr. & Mrs. President’s house yesterday, and then watched the news at 6 just to make sure the world is still functioning okay.  It still is.  I guess I still miss watching the news more than I realized.  I like CTV.  I like CBC too, except they were just talking Liberal politics, and my guilty conscience was telling me I should study, and watching them yak about politics wasn’t quite enough incentive to ignore my conscience, so I had to shut it off and get to work!

Changing my blog picture was intersting enough to ignore my conscience for a while though, Mrs. G!

I called Steele’s last night.  Steele #6 was crawling over Mrs. Steele and giggling away…I was laughing, ’cause I could hear her…but tears were running down my cheeks too…I miss those kids.  I miss them a LOT!

I’m ignoring my conscience again, so I’d better quit now and get back to work.  Exams are going well.  For some strange, unknown reason, I’m not really even worried about them.  That’s VERY strange, for me.  I haven’t even reached that panic point yet, for any of them.  Usually that’s when I do my best, concentrated studying.  But I’ve just been puttering away…and they’ve all gone well so far.  But the next one is Theology.  I’m feeling twinges of that panic point.  So I’m going to get to work!


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