So long, farewell, I bid you dunno how to spell it!

Forgot a couple things:

Mrs. Steele, you’re forgiven for not commenting.  You see, just as it is not a sin for me NOT to post, it is also not a sin for you NOT to comment!

And another thing — I am leaving internet world tomorrow morning, and have no idea when I will return.  I am going somewhere warm for Christmas.  All I know about it is that I will probably not be able to phone my man every day, which will make me feel sad and empty, but I will be with my family and my cousins, which will make me happy, and Mrs. G, I will be on your side of the border, if that makes YOU happy.  And I will be gone from my cold dorm.  YAY!!

Be good while I’m gone.  I’m taking Andrew with me so he can’t cause trouble!


3 thoughts on “So long, farewell, I bid you dunno how to spell it!

  1. Enjoy your holidays!

    Hey – you know the poem….

    “It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house.
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse….”?

    Well – I’ve figured out why the mice were not stirring…. they’re exhausted from all the pre-Christmas Eve activities and responsibilities. . . and so it must be for all us mice that live in this blog!

    So – you’ll probably be very safe for awhile Lois! Enjoy your time with family! It’s precious – and will probably never be the same again. Value it!

    Every so often we get just us and our 2 original kids doing something and it makes us realize how much life has changed in a short 6-7 years (I’m older – that’s why 6-7 years doesn’t feel too long!). I’m grateful for what we have now – but I’m also glad I valued what we had then… it kept me from being discontent…

    Love you!

  2. Ha! She didn’t take me yet! Time for some fun! Oh, what’s that you say Mrs G? We’re too tired! So sad! Maybe we’ll be good this time. Maybe…

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