She’s in Flordia & I’m Not!

That’s reason enough to cause trouble don’t ya think? While we drive on slippery snowy roads, she is tanning on a beach! Oh well… I guess I’m happy for her. Actually the snow is floating gracefully down in big fluffy snowflakes tonight. Absolutely beautiful. I’m hoping for a white Christmas this year!

As for Lois taking one of our main trouble makers – she thinks that will stop us??? That’s just an open invitation. But no rush. We have nearly two weeks to cause trouble.

Let’s see. Ya know, I’m free to answer any questions anyone might have about Lois’ FANTASTICAL weekend!

Hmmm… if everyone is tierd of commenting we could just not. Then we would be all rested up and ready to go in full force after Christmas! Either way I hope ya’ll have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Since it is Christmas I figure maybe I should try a little harder to keep my halo just a tad shiny. But that doesn’t mean you have too. And no that isn’t a New Year’s Resolution! I dislike New Year’s Resolutions – I like to keep my options open!


One thought on “She’s in Flordia & I’m Not!

  1. hey april! so – what shall we do this time? make up poems about Jerry and Lois?

    Jerry and Lois sitting in a tree….
    First comes love,
    then comes marriage
    then comes a baby in a baby carriage!

    So – someone should have stopped them when they were sitting in that tree!

    oh – that was your job, April! – hmmm …. dill chips should be outlawed!

    speaking as a grandma, though…. love the outcome of the whole process! 🙂

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