A cold day in Florida

So…what have we been up too?  Well, Florida had a cold day — probably like 15 degrees Celsius.  It felt COLD.  Till I lectured myself that if I was back home, or at school, this would be considered a WARM day.  The lecture helped…slightly!  But it was still cold and windy.

We went to the Kennedy Space Center … it was cool.  I saw a lot of fire and explosions (under the rockets/space shuttles) as they were fired off into space.  Yeah.  A LOT of explosions.  We went in the space shuttle simulator and they shook our brains to bits.  But we all came out alive, in spite of scary warnings and disclaimers that were beginning to make me feel nervous! Oh, and hey, we saw an alligator on the side of the road on the way there!  Uncle G pulled over and stopped and we went running back for pics.  We (Timothy and his cousin and me [the “his” cousin has a reason — ask me if you’re wondering why it’s his cousin not mine]) stopped a safe distance back.  Then they wanted to go closer.  I didn’t think we should.  I figured I’d hang back a little so that if the alligator charged for supper, he’d eat them first and not me.

Well, I think the boys are done their game now and we’re going to watch a movie so I shall depart.  I apologize if there are words without spaces in between.  The space bar on little brother’s computer doesn’t work so well and I haven’t mastered the art of hitting it harder than all the other keys.  You’d think my piano skills would pay off, but so far they haven’t.  Maybe ’cause I haven’t practiced much lately.

Us girls were sunning ourselves by the pool this morning, and reading and chatting, and I was making a guest list with my Theology textbook safely beside me.  Having my theology book (the one I’m supposed to be reading right now) beside me makes the rest of life SO much more interesting.  Kind of like bringing your math book on a trip suddenly makes the scenery interesting!  But then Timothy’s cousin came out the patio door, tossed an orange in the pool, then came tearing across the cement hollering “I’m going to go bobbing for oranges!” and cannonballed in.  Brothers!  And cousins!  🙂


4 thoughts on “A cold day in Florida

  1. Okay – you baited me and I bit… why is your brother’s cousin not your cousin????

    Wonderful memories for you and your family!

    Give them our Christmas greetings!

    oh – and the space bar…. probably because you’re a pianist is why you cannot make your thumb strike harder… we work so hard at making each finger strike to give the same weight – and to make sure that the thumb doesn’t thump louder or heavier… so – don’t type too much on his computer… 🙂

  2. I’m stopping by here to contact Miss Steele…. I can’t find a place to allow me to comment on your blog… and don’t know your email address… figured you might stop by here eventually – or our dear Lois will pass this along… or help me figure out what I’m missing….

  3. my blog is having an attitude problem right now Mrs. G. it’s even being miserable with me, which explains the missing header picture! sorry about that

  4. Welllllll??????

    I didn’t reply, but I am still waiting to hear/read why your brother’s cousin is not your cousin…….


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