It’s cold. And I’m a wimp

You know it’s cold in Canada when you feel your nose hairs freezing as you walk home from floor hockey!  I’m not sure if it’s warmer in the east, or I’m just a wimp from being in Florida, or it actually is as brutally cold as it seems (which could be an option — after all, I DID just see -47 degrees Celsius on the thermometer 4 days ago!) or what, but this weather is ridiculous.  WHY did we come back from Florida?!?!  Dad often jokes that living up here in Canada is like opening the deep freeze and jumping in for 7 months of the year.  This year, that description seems very accurate!!

So yeah, that’s all for today.  Just wanted to let you all know that yes, I’m alive, but it’s brutally cold and I might die, but I needed somewhere to complain first 😉


14 thoughts on “It’s cold. And I’m a wimp

  1. And what about the dress/es that April was blogging about? Or did the cold prevent you from shopping?

    Or you can’t say? I suppose it is possible that JERRY might read this blog…… can’t imagine that! Then I guess I could accept having to wait for news of the dress and/or dresses!

    Yes …. it is cold….. but just dress like you are in a deep freeze rather than in Florida!

  2. And she is about to fly into a wonderful winter storm complete with snow, ice pellets, rain, freezing rain, snow, flurries and yes that is all in less than 24 hours. Anyone want to come East. Somedays you dress like you’re in California other days like you’re in Alberta. If you like variety than New Brunswick is the place for you!

  3. Dressing for Alberta weather necessitates dressing for variety. So maybe there’s less differences than had been thought between the East and the West?

    Lois, sorry to tell you this, but we’re not listening to you complain. LA-LA-LA-LAAAAA-LA-LLLLLAAAA-NOT-LISTENING. So there! Complain away! Just remember to refresh Jerry’s memory on the “call of God to Florida’s heathen”.

  4. Nice Brother! Lois does he do that to you all the time? Reminds me of my little sisters when they were really little. They’d stick their hands over their ears and chant LA-LA-LA!

    Lois is welcome to come complain to me anytime she wants. Anything to get her in the East!

  5. Whoops, Lois’ picture is showwing up on the side. I guess I just tattled on myself. Hmmm…. I suppose I could write as Lois…. I bet I could even sound like her if I tried!

  6. yeah – 🙂 halo IS slipping…

    and you wouldn’t want to put US in our place, would you?
    there’s a whole lot better ways to use your power…

  7. So now I get compared to little sisters. Wow. I’m impressed (absolutely-totally-and-completely-in-a-big-way impressed). Actually, I’m in pretty prestigious company. See, this blog was started by a little sister. And this blog gets read by people from different countries. So that means she is an international blogger! (to self – “I’m in the company of an INTERNATIONAL BLOGGER!”) COOL!

  8. We could do a survey!!!

    I log in from Canada! Maybe that would be an interesting side bar to the survey…..

    How many provinces?

    Mine is Saskatchewan.

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