Lois is Here! by April

And of course she isn’t blogging cause, well you know why! (Smile) There’s this boy…

Lois’ plane was late getting in. She thought it would never stop circling the city. I was so happy to see her even though it was well past midnight and I was already asleep when she came in. I got my much needed Lois hug so I was happy.

We didn’t get much sleep and I had to work this morning. But Lois and Jerry totally made my day: they came to see me at work – (I take care of 3 children ages 1, 2 & 4.)  The kids enjoyed the attention and Jerry & Lois enjoyed reading stories and helping me feed them their dinner. I enjoyed the help!

And I might add here that my brother is REALLY good at spoon feeding babies. Lois was properly impressed. And I will admit that I was too. T’was lots of fun!

Well I’m going home to enjoy our company. Thank you to those in the West for sharing her with us. We will take good care of her.


6 thoughts on “Lois is Here! by April

  1. is this gonna turn into YOUR blog until the wedding April? That’s okay! I don’t mind.
    But i’m gonna have to start singing “where is lois, where is lois” soon! i should phone her and that’ll be my greeting!!!!! that was a fun thought!

  2. Miss Steele, that is an awesome thought – I love it! Oh, I’m so glad I was at MDP with her and the MDP Child Care er, um, MK Ministry Team people – I KNOW THAT SONG! (at least, I know how it starts!)

    Tell you what, we should have a conference call with you and Mrs Steele and Mrs G and Mr G and then we’d have a choir to sing one of Lois’s favorite songs!

  3. That is a really good idea Andrew. But we don’t have that conference call package on our phone so someone else would have to start it! But seriously, i REALLY like the idea and we should consider actually doing it!

  4. Thanks for keeping us updated, April! At least that way we know Lois hasn’t vanished into thin air and that you are keeping track of her and making sure she behaves!! We look forward to further updates!! Enjoy her for us!

  5. M – you have a very pretty pink quilt as your logo…. did you get to choose it? 🙂

    Would Lois actually let us take over her blog while she’s busy… that could be really dangerous!

    We could get Mr. N & Miss T & Miss H to help us and we’d sing in 8 part harmony for her…. where is Lois? where is Lois?

  6. 8 part harmony, THAT would be interesting!!!!! It might work if one of us has phone numbers and the right phone package!

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