I’m back!

Ahhh….I feel alive today!  I went to bed early last night, and was asleep by 10:30, thanks to the wonderful girl (thank-you Hope) shushing all the excited, loud girls coming in from the hockey game.  I woke up at 6:30, ready to bounce out of bed…except my room was cold…so I didn’t…but my brain felt deliciously awake!

Wow…yup, it’s time I blogged.  Especially because Miss Steele’s post made me feel guilty yesterday (now do YOU feel guilty, Miss Steele?!??)

April, you’ve been so kind to let people know that I AM still alive and haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth!  Thank-you!  And for the efforts to cheer me up…thanks!  I had a lovely drive back up to school with my man.  He’s off in booneyland now and yes, I miss him a whole bunch.  But his cell phone works, in spite of where he is.  THAT is a VERY good thing!  So, I will survive.

OK, let’s see about an update.  Back at school, busy as always (what’s new?), I missed my girls while I was gone and it’s good to be back with them.  It’s crazy to think I actually only have one semester left till I’m DONE my eastern school career.  Whoa.

I am having fun showing everyone my ring 🙂  One other girl got engaged over Christmas.  We went running to hug each other on Sunday night, compared rings, then blasted outside hollering at our men “You talked!!!  We KNOW you talked!!”  It was the same ring, except my is yellow gold and hers is white.  So every now and then I go bouncing over to her after chapel or something — “Hey!  Did you look your ring in this light?!  It sparkles!”  I feel like a little girl, still admiring the sparkles… 🙂

It’s brutally cold here.  My nose hairs are faring slightly better out here, though — it’s not -47!  However, our dorm feels like an icebox most days.  The mother of one of my girls knitted a blanket for me over Christmas.  I have no idea why she did.  I even totally forgot that she said she was going to.  I got back here Sunday night, and had my blow dryer running within 5 minutes.  And our dorm was COLD that night.  The next night, this girl came over to my room.  “My mom made this for you over Christmas” and she handed me this big knitted HEAVY blanket.  I took it and gasped.  Whoa.  God??? See, I’m on the cold floor this year.  And I kinda could have used another blanket.  But I didn’t want to get another one because another poofy blanket like what they sell in the stores wouldn’t be what I needed.  I needed a blanket with WEIGHT.  The homemade kind.  The kind stores DON’T sell.  And now her mom randomly makes me a knitted HEAVY blanket??  I actually don’t think that was random. I’m pretty sure that was a God-thing.  Thank-You, God! And April and Sanderly also gave me the fuzziest, warmest little blue blanket you ever saw…I think they must know I spend a lot of time on the phone and needed something small and cozy to wrap up in!

Dresses…yes, Sanderly and I (mostly Sanderly) did major bridesmaid dress hunting online when she came to my house.  And Mom & I went to the city to find me a dress and we found one I really really like a lot!  I’d describe it, but there’s always the chance that a certain man of mine could possibly check my blog so, sorry, no-can-do.  Come to my wedding 🙂

More to come later…

My excuse for not posting earlier: internet’s been acting up since I got back.  I promise, that IS the truth!


5 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. So good to see you’re back!! Glad for the phone connection with Jerry too! Wedding plans would be hard to make over distance without it! Enjoy your last semester!

  2. Thank you for the post Lois…. great to have you back here!!

    Your comments on your ring made me look at mine! Thank you for the reminder to continue to enjoy the sparkle….

    Yes, it still sparkles even after all these years 😀

  3. Welcome back, Lois!

    Don’t ever forget to admire the sparkles… and use that opportunity to thank God for the man who worked hard to pay for it, and to pray for him.

    Unfortunately, about 11 years ago – my diamond fell out of my ring… don’t know where… could have been when I was transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer, or when I was showering, or doing dishes, or cooking, or walking from the car to the church… anyway – never did find it, and someday, we’d like to replace it – we need to also repair the ring, as the prongs had worn down (thus – the reason it fell out). I DO still wear the wedding band.

    Thankful for the special ways that God is caring for you! 🙂

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