Where IS Lois? – April

“Where is Lois, where is Lois…” I’ve never heard the song sung by the amazing MDP Team but I’ve heard about it! Maybe ya’ll should work on that conference call to Lois. She seems to be hiding.

Actually, she could be hibernating! It was -23 today without the windchill! I know to the tough Albertans that’s nothing. I’m sorry I might have to agree with Lois – “I’m a whimp.” (Did I say that that outloud?) This does seem to be a perfect place to complain. As long as we can ignore or talk louder than the “LA, LA, LA – I’m not listening noises in the background!”

Besides, it’s colder in the East. It’s going to be -37 tommorow and I’m sure that is comparable to -50 in the West. Argue all you want about how cold it is or isn’t. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Lois better come back before I get myself in trouble and start a fight with the Westerners!


7 thoughts on “Where IS Lois? – April

  1. Thanks for the info and update, April! I think I’ll stick to my western dry cold!! I’m used to the dry skin, chapped hands, etc.!! We’re tough in more ways than one out here!!! 🙂 Enjoy your -37! 🙂

  2. -23!!!?!!! Bring out the suntan lotion!!!

    Well maybe not quite….

    And I don’t know about the difference between Eastern cold and Western cold…. I just know that I LOVE our winters, and the cold days that freeze Lois’s nose hairs are actually some of my favorite.

    Those from the west… have you noticed? The cold days are very pretty. Usually the sun is shining in a beautiful clear blue sky, and it sparkles on the frost and on the blanket of snow, and that crisp snow actually squeaks under your feet…. squeaky clean!!
    I love it!

  3. Yes, Mrs. Steele, that is a beautiful description of a cold winter day out west! And I love it too! But, I will say, every place does have its own beauty, so we can enjoy wherever we are!! Enjoy the East, April! –and come visit us sometime in the West!! 🙂

  4. well – I’m here in the “middle” – or the Midwest as it is usually called. North country – for at least the rest of the U.S. – but south for the rest of you…

    I had to convert F to C, and C to F – to see how we’re comparing – but if your numbers are actual – not wind chill – you DEFINITELY have us beat! though – with wind chill – tomorrow a.m. should be about -43 C :-0

    As long as I’m not stuck outside with a broken down car, or waiting at a bus stop with my kids – I think this is beautiful weather! I love cuddling up to a warm fire – or a warm hubby! 🙂 or – my warm cat…

    AND I’m SO thankful that my husband keeps our house warm!

  5. Suntan Lotion!?! Mrs. Steele, you must be as tough as nails!

    Not saying it’s not cold out there but I talked to an Easterner who lived in the West for two years. It is a different cold he says. He would much rather have a Western -37 than an Eastern -37. So maybe we really are tougher out here… Not that I care.

  6. I do like the sunshine though…. Hmmm, -50, snow & wind, squeeky clean, dry cold, sunshine OR humid bonechilling cold, -37, snow, rain, ice, white, brown, occasional sunshine. I might have to think about this a little more.

  7. I know that in the states – which also has an east and west… the west is drier – less humidity – not as low of wind chills (which I never heard of growing up in the west – Arizona). We used the call the rain, “dry rain” – if you got wet, you quickly dried. The cold didn’t seep into the bones – nor did the wet….

    The mid-west (the middle – like Wisconsin and Michigan) and the Eastern states – have the humidity… and thus the rain that keeps you feeling wet all day, the cold that settles into the bones – and keeps you cold all day…

    Thus is my view from “down under” the border….

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