Long-delayed response…

Response to comments and April’s blogs for the last while…
Yes, I was sick there for a day.  It was miserable.  My parents left to get Sanderly from the airport and I was so sad I couldn’t go.  I felt awful.  The only good thing about that day was that I got to watch part of Robin Hood and phone a bunch of my favoritest people 😉

International blogger…wow…cool!  I’m getting famous!  Anybody want my signature???! LOL!!!  Mrs. Steele, it’s Mrs. G that makes me international.  So Mrs. G, you’d better not move to Canada!

Yeah, my plane took FOREVER to land.  Usually I’m telling it to PLEASE turn around and take me back to Alberta.  This time, though, there was a man waiting to pick me up, and the prospect of only one more semester out here — I wanted it to LAND so I could get on with life!

So Jerry feeds babies.  Hmm.  That knowledge could come in handy someday!  He was pretty proud of himself, ’cause he was putting food into a baby and Lois and April had already tried without all that much luck!

AHHHHH!!!!  MDP song!!  NO, No, NO!!!  Go AWAY!!!!  AHHHHHHHH………      ……. too late….it’s stuck…..  “Where is Thumbkin, where is Thumbkin, …..”  April, I’ll sing it for you next time I see you, if I remember.  4 part harmony…8 part harmony…I miss MDP!

Thanks for the smiles, though — I did smile.

Yeah, Mom, I was dreading the thought of trying to plan a wedding with no phone connection!  That would NOT have been a fun complication.

You’re right, Mrs. Steele — the COLD days ARE very pretty.  Maybe I’m just turning into a wimp because I’m not outside often enough so don’t get used to the cold like I used to.  Back when I was YOUNG…. 😕

The “She’s back!” post WAS by April, Mrs. G.  Apparently she thinks she’s taken over my blog so completely that now I’M supposed to ask her for permission before I post on my own blog.  Can you believe that!?!  No, I don’t mind her blogging for me though — I’d hate to think of you keeping closer track of me 😯

All right, I’m going to try to post this before class, if the internet cooperates….please….please…please….!  I apologize for the typos and spelling mistakes…I don’t have time to proof it.


30 thoughts on “Long-delayed response…

  1. I’m glad you’re back too Lois. I was starting to miss you. I did like having control of your blog though! 🙂

    Mrs. G, I’m thinking Lois might need my help looooong before the honeymoon. And I’m sure I’ll have lots of stories to tell those few weeks before the wedding!

  2. Three out of six, not a bad average! Okay, I’m just trying to think of ways to bug Lois. My blog writing days are over, I got kicked out of my spot and I’m bored. Just kidding got lots to do. I am going to shut up now cause I’m just rambling. 🙂 Have a good weekend Miss Lois. You can call me if you can’t get through to Jerry…

  3. It’s amazing what it takes to change our perspective…. a man…. 🙂

    and you wonder why we want our MDP staff to sign a contract so they don’t date and get married! 😛 (I’m checking to see if my smiley works…)

  4. Thanks for all the explanations of the last many days, Lois! Glad you weren’t too sad when Jerry left!

    And April, I think you should just keep up with your angle on the blog. Lois might get so busy she won’t have time to talk to us and then you can talk to us–you know–news from the East! You could keep us up-to-date on your life –and your little ones –and your latest wheels –and the weather!! 🙂 Some of us out west here miss you too–our daughter #2!!

  5. Hi Timothy. Welcome to Lois’ blog. She seems to have disappeared again so I’ll welcome you for her. You’ve probably commented before this but not while I was around.

  6. See? Here we are left alone again! sniff, sniff (sorry I don’t know how to do smiley [or sniffy] faces). April, I guess you’ll have to phone that brother of yours and get him to tell you how Lois is doing and then you can blog for her! 🙂 Maybe at this busy stage of life she needs a secretary! And you’re good at that!!:)

  7. Welcome timothy…. so – you’ve just read the blog… are you brave enough to join this wacky community (I’m sure I’ll get feedback on everyone that I just called “wacky”- but if you’ve read it – you know the truth!)

  8. Hey Timothy!!!! Yes you know some of us….. and Mrs. G I am sure was not including any of the Steele’s in the “wacky” part of the crew!

    April…. I know how to make the 😛 ………….

    I’ll trade you the code for the video!!!! 😉

    Sounds like everyone here would like to see it anyway!!!!

  9. ahhhh – ha! 😛

    oh – for tears… : – ) :::::::::

    AND – I like the idea of the trade… 😛

    and Mrs. Steele…. shall we take a vote about whether you and “yours” are in the wacky boat with us?

  10. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! No vote.

    Mrs. G check this out ……. 😥

    Or how about 😆

    April….. will you trade now?

  11. It is not manipulation…. it is called BARGAINING!!!!

    What are you offering?

    She has chips, Lois’s reaction, 😛 😆 😥

    Will you add to the bid?

  12. I have a trick to find out how you do those… I wonder if April does, too… so – your threats may be empty…. I’m not telling in case she doesn’t know the trick…

    So – do you teach these things when you homeschool? the smileys AND the manipulation? sounds like I have incriminating evidence… we might be even now? 😆

  13. surely her brothers might have stories to share to add to the bid…

    Lois – this blog has taken a life of it’s own again… video clips have that type of influence….

  14. Mrs. G….. incriminating evidence?

    I have photos……. 😯

    and yes…. I admit….. it looks bad…….

    Our homeschool does occasionally include small doses of fun, useless stuff…. and unfortunately the students do pick up on some of my less favorable characteristics. 😳

    There if April knows your trick she has a load to play with!

    And if she doesn’t know your trick …. you could throw it in on the bid!

  15. that was NOT from me!!!!! it was my mother impersonating me(i will add that it was by accident, just cause i’m feeling nice) 8)

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