April Reporting

Hey everyone! This is Lois’ secretary. I work for chips & chocolates. Though I might lose my job when she finds out that I also know how to post video clips. I have one that Mrs. G commissioned me to take a few months back! Anyone interested?

Near as I know Lois is doing well. I know she had a Kay Bunnett visitor over the weekend. I heard they had lots of fun together. I also know that Jerry panicked when his phone showed up as not being in-service anymore. Thankfully one of his sisters is also a good secretary and got things promptly straightened out. I’m afraid he would soon come back if his cell phone went on the blink!

Lois should be around soon to take over, especially with the video post threat!


6 thoughts on “April Reporting

  1. WE WANT VIDEO!!!!! you never know, april. we might like to have entertainment at your expense. or are we really that mean? besides, i don’t think lois would want to kill her fiance’s sister not to mention one of her bridesmaids. i think you’re safe.

  2. The video threat might work……

    Or you could just post the video anyway!!!!!

    After all……. we have all been waiting so LOOOOONG for Lois to let us know how she is doing……….. we could be placated with some interesting footage………………… 🙂

  3. Video would be great!! How many salt & pepper chips would you like in return!! You would be well paid then in Lois’s reaction AND in chips! 🙂

  4. So April? Will you go for the trade? 😛 for the video? And M’s chips, AND Lois’s reaction!!!!

    Sounds like a good deal to me!

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