You guys are hilarious!

All right. You guys are having WAY too much fun on here without me! Totally not fair. It’s time I began to frequent my own blog again! The internet here has been totally wacko since I came back, though. No, I’m not kidding, and I’m not making up an excuse. Ask Kay. She was here for the weekend!

Lovely picture of us, April. Just lovely. Strange. I didn’t know my man had blond hair. I must not be very observant….

Umm….the phoning Jerry to see how I am thing will only work if you can actually get through to him when I’m NOT on the phone to him! Sorry, Mom!

For the puzzled people…Timothy got a green name because he put his website in when he made his comment.

And….I don’t know how to make those funny smileys! I think I do theoretically, but my internet sometimes won’t allow me to use them. Or they won’t show up properly. Thus, sometimes you end up seeing weird things like 😯 in the post, instead of a shocked face. Sorry. If any of you can enlighten me as to how to fix this problem, I’d be much obliged.

Andrew, hold your tongue. I can tell sarcasm when I hear it OR see it in written form!

Mrs. Steele, have you turned traitor on me and now you are siding with April???

Yesterday was a fantastic day. It is Carnival Week, which means the dress code for the week is casual (jeans!!!), and on various days we dress up according to a schedule that the Student Council came up with. Yesterday was Class Color Day. The Senior class color was red. I have red snow pants. I wore them to class. It was heaven. I was warm. The ENTIRE day. Until I was stupid enough to take them off. Ahhh…I love Carnival Week!

That is all for now. I’m going to post this and hope the internet’s still on. I have a bunch of work to do during business hours today. I will be back.

April, behave. And the rest of you — don’t encourage her!!!! (I feel like a mother….sigh…..) 😀

P.S. — Tried to post. Didn’t work. See, the internet times me out after I’ve been logged into my blog for about 2 minutes. Then it makes me sign in again. Only it takes about 5 minutes to sign in again. Or 10 minutes. Not kidding. So I have a very limited amount of time in which to do my job!

It is now 2:00. I came in and started to open my blog the first time about 45 minutes ago.

It is now 2:25. The page has loaded (3rd or 4th attempt) and I am posting!!

(Yes, I am complaining. Sympathy, anyone, please?!)


17 thoughts on “You guys are hilarious!

  1. No I have not turned traitor on you…. I just want to see the video 😛

    And sympathy? 😥 You’ve got it! 😆

    💡 I could enlighten you on the smileys…… If I do, will you let April post the video?

  2. Your shocked face worked well… this time…

    Sorry that your experiencing such a hard time with the internet. It is very frustrating!

    Are you calling ME a traitor? 😥

    I’m hurt!

    And everyone… did you see that I (specifically) didn’t get scolded? 🙂 It must be a first!

  3. SYMPATHY, SYMPATHY, SYMPATHY, SYMPATHY. There, you got your sympathy! Don’t ask for anything more. And don’t try pretty-pleasing me either – it doesn’t work. My mind is made up – I feel sorry for you and I’ve given you way too much SYMPATHY already. But just in case, here’s some more – SYMPATHY, SYMPATHY, SYMPATHY!

    Cool smiley, Miss Steele!

    I was almost turning green, until I realized that others were already jumping on the bandwagon of green names. I’M a contrarian – I’m not going to do what everyone else is doing. So there. Not, not, not. NOT GOING TO DO IT. Ahem, NOT. Umm, ya, I forget who I’m arguing with. And now I’m just rambling. Must because I’m not talking with Lois. So I’m just bugging her online. Are you bugged yet sis? SIS?

    Something tells me I’m in trouble. Something tells me I’m not in the international blogger’s good books right now. Something tells me my post is too long. Something tells me…

  4. THAT was most definitely rambling!!!!! you definitely didn’t run out of words there Andrew! in fact, me thinks that it was a case of slightly excessive verbiage!!!!! (no offense) excessive verbiage is the fancy way of saying that it was rambling. 😆

  5. You know, Lois…. I feel SO sorry for you having such terrible time with the internet…

    Here’s my sincere suggestion for you…

    I think maybe you should just “step away” from the internet…. from your blog, your facebook, your msn, your email… Yes – I know – it will be hard – but, yes – all of it!

    Don’t worry… we’ll take very good care of your blog for you! You don’t even need to check in!

    Okay – if you can’t give up your email, I suggest that you change the setting on your blog to inform you if anyone posts on your blog.

    Use this time to study more, spend more time with your girls, call Jerry more often… sleep! We’ll all be here when you get back…

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