Jan. 26, 09

INTERNET!!!! We have internet! For how long, I have no idea. I saw trucks with ladders here today. Internet trucks? I think so. Either way, I’m NOT going to take an intentional break from my blog to “spend more time with Jerry or my girls,” so all you hopeful people out there can just decide you may as well be good, ok?!

So I was looking in my bad books, today, and the first name on the first page started with an “A”! Anyone want to guess who that was?!?! I did appreciate that person’s sympathy…till I saw it was all fake!

So, this is my second day sick. I played piano for church yesterday morning and managed not to tip off the stage, which was a VERY good thing, but I went straight from church to my bed and haven’t left our dorm since.

I feel woozy. REAL woozy. And I promise I was NOT drinking anything! But I’m only woozy and hurting and have a fever. Nothing more. So I can handle this. It could be MUCH worse!

I noted a few things this morning. You know your dorm is cold when you wake up in the morning and find very definite, rather thick frost on the inside of your window. And you also know it’s cold when you can put your water bottle by the wall and have it cold enough to be the perfect temperature to drink a few hours later (and I do NOT like drinking warm or even lukewarm water). Oh, and did I mention it was also right beside the heating pipe? Somehow that didn’t seem to make a difference… Oh, and I also knew it was cold when I grabbed the pillow I always push up against the wall at the head of my bed when I sleep. I grabbed it to flip it over and use it while I was reading and I YELLED! It was COLD!!!

The GOOD news is that Mr. L came in today and officially fixed our heat!!!! And it is FIXED this time! It actuallly heats up when we turn up the thermostat! So we are VERY happy, and VERY thankful, and we all officially love Mr. L. He’s been trying so hard to get it working.

Mr. Brain canceled all his classes tomorrow and the day after…I’m not sure what’s up with that. Strange…very strange! But that leaves us with only one class tomorrow.

And now that I’m ready to post this, guess what? I have no internet! Lovely! I will keep checking…


2 thoughts on “Jan. 26, 09

  1. Wow! You are alive! –and not frozen!! So glad they got the furnace fixed. Life does look much more liveable when one is more comfortable. Hope you get over the “woozies” soon. I’m glad you clarified that you have not been drinking anything. But please do drink something! 🙂

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