April’s Day

What a georgeous day in the East! Perfectly blue skies and wonderful bright sunshine! And the temperature just below freezing! Ahh, a welcome relief from the extreme cold. Finally the kids can go outside and play! Today the mom and I took the three children sliding at the park. The little boys and I all piled onto a saucer. So much fun. They loved the jump in the middle of the hill. I absolutely love the boyish delight written in their grins at conquering the bump. You know the song, “Live in the Wonder of a Child.”? Well, today I caught a glimpse of the delight God must feel when we stop to stare in awe of Him and accept His love. We are His children and He delights in us! Live today in the wonder of a child. Live with your arms held open wide! He loves you!!!!!


2 thoughts on “April’s Day

  1. Wonderful!! I’m so glad you had one of those days weather-wise! And I must say I am jealous 😦 Wish I could have been sliding down the hill too. But glad for you! Enjoy those moments!

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