Went to the States today on a Canteen supply run. As always, our 92+ dollars’ worth of Pringles going through the till caused a lot of “Hey, can I come to the party too??” comments, as well as $75 worth of pop! (pardon me, “soda,” since we were still in the States!) I bought a pack of multi-vitamins, since I don’t eat the cooked vegetables at school, since no one else’s vegetables come even remotely close to comparing to my mother’s. (except for Grandma’s peas, which taste like Mom’s)

Mrs. G, NOBODY from MDP is singing at my wedding, I can tell you that much! April, if you’d post the video on YouTube, yes, I’d find it. And if you send it to Mrs. G — just remember I still have someone’s email password! And Mrs. G — sometimes I DO follow through with my threats, just so people know I’m serious. Really. I would do something JUST to prove that I WOULD do it…if that makes sense! “Yes to God, no to temptation”???? I don’t remember that song from MDP…..???

It was almost strange to be back in a full day of clases again this morning. It feels like I’m still out of the loop from being sick for so long (I had fever and dizziness for 5 days in a row, and I was sick and tired of it!)

I enjoyed my morning, thoroughly. Woke up at 5:40 and was wide awake. Very strange. So I called my man to wake him up (no, I’m not being mean — he DOES have to get up that early!) My internet was on already, so I listened to a nice song that Kay found me online, did chapter titles, dressed, made my bed, did my hair…it was lovely. I’d do that more often, except usually waking up that early is brutal! We DO have the loudest floor of girls, remember. And the loudness usually lasts alll the way through till 10:30!


5 thoughts on “February!

  1. hmmm… sounds like you’re definitely feeling better! You’re “scrappy” again… (that word may be too old for you…)

    First of all – don’t stereotype all Americans…. In Arizona and Michigan, we called it “pop.” When we moved to Wisconsin, it took about 3-4 years to automatically call it “soda.”

    Secondly – I have plenty of people that I know that know YOU… so – your musicians don’t have to be MDPers…. I CAN network! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for introducing them to me :-).

    So glad you’re feeling better! Love ya!

  2. btw – it’s probably just my ethnocentrism – but – your picture on this blog doesn’t really match my idea of “February” ๐Ÿ™‚ perhaps it’s all the snow outside and my cold house!

    however – I understand that for many – that’s a perfect pic of February!

  3. Hey, talking about waking up early, try 5:00 am. That’s when the children I’m nannying start waking up. By tomorrow I’m thinking I’ll be ready for bed when they are!

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