History, cell phones and airlines

So…yeah, I decide to blog more and then I disappear for 4 days!  Sorry!  Did I ever tell you I’m a good procrastinator??!

I enjoyed a NOT-sick day yesterday.  I’m still randomly getting sick here and there.  Not sure why exactly, but yesterday I didn’t feel sick at all, not once, and I was thankful.

The best thing about yesterday was when one of my girls came bouncing in to share something she’d learned in her devotions, and how God had taught her through it.  It always encourages my heart to see progress in other people’s lives.  (It shows me there’s hope for myself!!)  It encourages me to keep going during the times I feel like I’m going through a desert spiritually.

And today?  Hmm…well, class was really interesting.  We started Church History with Mr. Deep, and he told us how John Knox was a bodyguard for a guy who had a huge part in the revival in Scotland.  The guy knew he was NOT well liked by authorities, and so when he knew the time was coming near that he was about to be captured, he dismissed John Knox, telling him one sacrifice was enough.  John Knox went on to impact many lives greatly.  I thought that was pretty cool.

There’s this certain favorite guy of mine who’s been calling me on his lunch breaks.  Sometimes the cell reception is really bad, and he has to call me about 5-10 times, but I like it because my brain is actually awake and functions at 1:00 PM, whereas at 10:30 at night, whether my brain cells actually work or not is very debatable!

Air Canada & WestJet both put on stinkin’ good sales last week, and I got some amazingly cheap flights that made me reeeeeally happy!  I have paid those companies WAY too much money in the last 3 years, and I am looking forward to my last flight home in May!  It’s coming soon!


8 thoughts on “History, cell phones and airlines

  1. Hey, our fellow trouble-maker is back! Things have been rather quiet around here. Mrs. G, Miss Steele, Mrs. Steele and anyone else who wants to join in, here is your chance. This weekend I may have the power to keep a certain someone from their blog.

  2. I am spending the weekend at Lois’. Someone has to keep her company over Valentine’s weekend or she might take off on a bus to visit her man in the next province over. I’ll restrain her from doing so… wait a minute… I have a car and her man is my brother… maybe we will take a trip…

  3. On the other hand, I’d lose my job if I called in on Monday and declared I was gone for the week and Lois would have so many demarits she might get kicked out of school during her last semester. Sorry Lois, can’t do it. (I wasn’t serious anyway) – just trying to fill up your email account with messages.

  4. Whew!! You had me scared there, April! I’m glad you came to your senses and won’t mislead my daughter!!:) Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. Hey – April – Now I want to know what you were going to tell her… there shouldn’t be secrets among the fellow mice… or troublemakers… not sure which is better….

    There have been too many secrets already!

    Find out who’s singing at Lois & Jerry’s wedding!

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