I’ve finished all but one of this month’s assignments! Now I can get started on next month’s, and then I will feel a LOT better about my life!

I got a lot of work done last night…wrote letters…had my phone call to my favorite man…booked a flight so he can come home for part of March break!!!!!! (I think I WILL live after all)…and then even went to bed early!  Perfect!  Except…my mind didn’t shut off and let me sleep till late.  NOT perfect!  Oh well.

Don’t worry, Mom — April and I will most certainly stay friends.  We know too much about each other not to be.  We’d be REALLY dangerous enemies!

Glad to be of service to you, hosting your conversation, Mrs. G!

Andrew, hold your tongue.  I’m on a roll.  Give me a reason, and I could probably come up with something to blackmail YOU with too, and then you could only post nice comments.  Hmm, while I’m at it, I might as well see if I could come up with something to blackmail Mrs. G with too!


14 thoughts on “Blackmail….

  1. My goodness, a little sensitive today, aren’t we??!! Quick to jump for the gun (maybe CANON is more accurate?!) My dearest, darlingest, most likest sister, I loveth thee more thou canst tell, but I plead with thee to abstain from such threatenings and coercions. Such words dost not become thee.

    Fellow troublemakers: will we allow her to threaten us and coerce us and our comrades into silence, or will we unite in standing for the right?! No matter the cost, we must hold our ground. When once we begin to hold our tongues, then how soon we will slide down the slippery slope to silence, oblivion, and despair. Comrades UNITE! I know where she has lived, where she is living, and where she will live. Beware!

  2. 😛 Lois I actually do like you!!! I just still think it would be fun to see this video that is the subject of all this blackmail and coersion!

  3. andrew, your post reminds me of how we and our fellow north americans keep ourselves from making anti radical statements because we want to protect ourselves!!!! i agree, we must fight for our rights as human beings. for to live free is the only way to live!!!!!!!!! and lois, isn’t blackmail illegal? i seem to remember something about it being a serious crime!!!! (we really do love you, just in case you didn’t know!!!)

  4. There we go – blackmail is illegal. BLACKMAIL IS ILLEGAL! We now have a catchy phrase for our banners. We can get them printed up and start marching now – “BLACKMAIL IS ILLEGAL” “FIGHT BLACKMAIL” “WE WANT FREEDOM” “DOWN WITH BLACKMAIL” “BLACKMAIL IS FOR COWARDS” “FREEDOM OR BLACKMAIL” “BLACKMAIL IS ILLEGAL” Boy, I could go forever with this…

  5. Wow – Andrew! Now I know why you didn’t have very many works on MSN last night – you used them all up on Thursday!

    Feeling a bit rebellious, I see!…

    and blackmailing poor little me???? (A) – we all know what (A) means – been there, made my point!….

    Lois – it seems that thou protesteth too much – trying to get the focus off you?????

    confession is good for the soul – especially if it’s yours! 🙂

  6. Wow! I had no idea my little video clip threat would become such a huge issue! Blackmail is illegal? Who says? Where? And how do you plan to stop it???

  7. I have no idea how to stop it. We’re dealing with some very important people here, people who will stop at nothing to protect their reputations. Such people are known to be dangerous, to the public at large, but even to friends and relatives. Be wary and use caution when interacting with subject. Subject may explode or erupt without prior or advance warning given or taken. Be on the lookout for signs such as and including the following: protests regarding personal actions, claims of innocence or lack thereof, a lack of ownership of responsibility; a heightened sense of and keenness of the lack of injustice, a inexpressed unwillingness to refrain from doing “whatever it takes” to remain safe. If you have correctly deciphered all of these subconcious, undectable signs, I bid you farewell, adiue, and so long. Adios, senoritas! It was nice knowing you! Hasta la vista! Aufwedersien! Bonjeur! See you in the yonder!

  8. It’s okay – we usually don’t get it either… 🙂 We enjoy Andrew’s company, so we just let Andrew wax eloquent. . .

    However – my limited understanding is that Andrew is saying, “mess with Lois – risk your life!” I’m thinking that he’s referring to April, too…

  9. Don’t worry, I’ll be careful. Lois seems rather innocent of all of the above but I shall warn all of my friends if my life is in jepordy.

  10. Is this a case of saying the blackmailer is dangerous or the one being blackmailed is dangerous? I can’t quite tell for sure… Maybe we are both dangerous and ready to explode at any moment. So what will happen this weekend when we are both present in the same area for more than 24 hours?? Lois this could be dangerously fun!!! I can’t wait to see you!!!!!!!!!

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