Dorm Supervision and Chapter Titles

Teen Retreats! Dorm supervision! This is a nice job…except for when you have to tell people to go back to the activities… But other than that, it’s nice, ’cause you can do absolutely nothing, or you can get a ton of homework done. My day has gone quite nicely.  It’s actually been very relaxed for a Teen Retreat.  Usually they send half the students home to make room for retreaters, but because there are so few students this year, we were all needed.  So even though we’ll all be REALLY tired by the end of the next retreat next weekend, at least our student training assignments are much lighter.

I’m sleepy.  I need to read 38 chapters of Ezekiel for my homework, so I’m going to take off.  This chair is way too comfy.  Not a good thing, if I need to be doing homework!


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