Teen Retreat #1 is over!  We have survived!  Actually, it was a much more relaxed retreat than normal…even more so than conferences!  Usually they send half the students home for each retreat to make room for retreaters, but this year they needed us all because our numbers are down. …wait…..hmmm…yep!  Went and checked…I already told you this…I THOUGHT it was sounding awfully familiar!  I even had time for naps this weekend, which was really really strange!  So yeah…I’m not dreading next weekend!  I enjoyed my girls, and their spunk and chats we had before conking out for night.

Schoolwork is looking manageable, if I don’t look ahead too far!  I have a handle on things right now.  My man called this afternoon.  And because all but two doors on our floor had “sleeping” notes on them, I didn’t have to worry about talking too long or annoying anybody who needed the phone, and I very much enjoyed that.


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