Teen Retreat #2

Umm, April, I think Andrew’s saying we’re BOTH dangerous…which actually is probably true at the moment! We both have some pretty potent blackmail material on each other, though I think mine is most effective!

Teen Retreat #2 is starting right now.  I only have 2 girls in my room this weekend.

Mr. Brain was SO nice (read that with a HEAVY dose of sarcasm) and gave us a take-home exam for Cults class.  It’s a huge exam.  Worth 150 marks, and about 20 questions…that’s probably the biggest he’s ever given us.  I considered buying a ticket home (“$1000?  I don’t care!  I’ll take it!”) but then he said it’s not due till Mar. 18, so I forgave him, decided he IS nice (minus the sarcasm this time!) and maybe I won’t fly off to the other end of the country after all!

Got to go!


One thought on “Teen Retreat #2

  1. I WASN’T saying that you were both dangerous. I actually still consider April to be on our side. And I’m praying she will not be swayed by threats and coercions to give up her liberty!

    I think we still need someone out East to keep an eye on Little Sister…

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