Gift registries and wedding showers????!

Sitting here in April’s living room (where she is a nanny).  She fed us a delicious supper, Jerry took great delight in feeding a baby that didn’t want to be fed by the girls, we laughed at the kids, and now April’s putting them all to bed. 

Had an enjoyable day making up a gift registry (after we went through 3 scanners with low batteries that kept quitting on us!) at Sears.  STRANGE!!!!  Is this me doing this??  I thought I was a kid!  Only adults — great big grown up people get married and do  things like this!  And they’re having a wedding shower for us on Monday night at Jerry’s church?!  Whoa….my brain is boggled. 

So, I’m thoroughly enjoying my March break.  And for those concerned about my school work, yes, I have been studying for my Cults exam, and I have been working through  my 500 page Hebrews book!

April’s done with the kids — I’m going to visit.


9 thoughts on “Gift registries and wedding showers????!

  1. Now if I was rich enough, guess where I would be Monday night??!! Sure wish I could be there! Enjoy it and maybe I can see pictures some day. 🙂

  2. Maybe M & I could find some “get rich quick” scheme and fly out Monday…..????? You think??? 🙂 have someone take pictures!

  3. ok…. we’ve been patient enough … or maybe I’m the only one who hasn’t heard… how was the bridal shower…

  4. Patience is a virtue Mrs. G. I would think you would be well versed in such things seeing your halo is well shined and always intact! 🙂 🙂

    Lois sent pictures with me today – I’m still not quite sure why she trusted me with the task! Alas, I must regretfully inform you that I haven’t the time, nor the patience to complete the task today.

    Sorry, but it is like this: Lois is at my house and Jerry is not. Therefore I want to make the most of the time we have together before July.

    That said: Jerry and Lois really went out of their way to make time to visit with me. They came to visit me at work – they helped with suppertime and visited after the kids were in bed. And they took me out for breakfast Saturday morning. (I was taking care of the kids from Wednesday morning until Saturday morning.)

    As for the wedding shower… it was great! 60+ people came to celebrate! My sister organized it and I will have to say it was the best wedding shower I’ve ever attended! I might be rather bias though.

    Rest assured you will get some pictures and more blogging on the subject later.

    Well this has turned into a blog instead of a comment. Off I go. Hope ya’ll have a great day.

  5. Mrs. G, I checked my facebook. It looks okay… I’m confused… did you send me a message that got lost in cyber space? Should I be worried? What sort of message did you send to the wrong person? There are two of us with the same name – one in the East and one in the West!

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