Wow…internet…I haven’t seen it for a long time!  I HAVE seen a LOT of paper, fonts, types of paper, formats, wordings, etc, however, as I’ve spent hours working on invitations with the help of the girls.  They’re all printed now, and April and I spent time this afternoon cutting them up. 

What?  Why are you freaking out?  We only cut them into the shapes they’re SUPPOSED to be in; don’t worry! 

The shower was amazing.  Wedding shower?  Us?!?  It was weird.  It was a ton of fun.  Kay did an amazing job organizing it, and BJ was a huge help to her (and to me with the invitations).  April was my photographer, and kindly offered to take charge of my camera for the evening.  So I’ve now met a whole whack of Jerry’s relatives….don’t ask me who any of them are!!!!  Brain overload…I usually only remember the ones I meet one at a time. 

Pictures…I don’t have time to do them now either…I’ll try to put them on Facebook when I get back to school, if the internet co-operates.  Haha.  School internet?  Co-operate????  Rrrright!  Well, we can always hope 🙂

Mom, I have an email to send you when I get to school.  It’s on my computer, but I need connection.  Mrs. G, I’m glad you’re such a patient person!  Perhaps that has come with years of working with MDP kids?  Actually, my guess is that it came from all that time spent working with the MK Ministry Team workers in your charge!!

Need to run.  Our time with Mr. Pape R.  Cutter is limited…I need to finish with him as soon as possible.


3 thoughts on “Internet!

  1. glad the shower went well… and that you got a lot accomplished…

    our daughter married a man who’s dad came from a LARGE family. at the reception, approx 150 people were from his side of the family, maybe 10 from ours… (not relatives, but friends)… no other family from our side were there.. (my brother and his wife were at her small wedding ceremony 6 mo earlier, and my sister and her husband came to our son’s wedding)

    how many days until the wedding??? 🙂

  2. So glad the shower was good! Glad also you could get the invitations done up. Now for the details for them! We do look forward to the pictures too. Did they make you wear a silly hat full of ribbons and bows??

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