Maybe God is telling me to blog?!

I think God is telling me to go to bed early…Jerry and I were talking and his phone went dead, and he can’t charge it in his truck, and he doesn’t get good reception in the place where he’s staying! Or maybe God is telling me to study, since I have an exam to write tomorrow. Or, maybe God is telling me to BLOG!

Today was spent catching up on things, running errands, and studying for my Cults exam tomorrow afternoon. Busy day. I’ve got a pretty good handle on the material I need to know, but I need to memorize a LOT of references, and I’m having a problem with that. But I expect my brain to kick into panic mode any time now, and then it’ll absorb a little better, I think! (forget you read that sentence, Mom!)

The best things about today were the sunshine and warm, spring-like weather (is it actually possible that MAYBE winter DOESN’T last all year after all?!?!), and having a chat with Lynne this afternoon when I went to ask her a question about my exam…except then we talked non-exam stuff! It made me realize how much I missed her over break. Somehow our sense of humor really matches or SOMEthing….we come up with the most random, hilarious things ever.

And now I am officially back to the books. Just wanted to let you all know that I’m alive and survived break and the ride back here…not sure I’ll survive the next 2 weeks and the overload of schoolwork in them, though. Exam tomorrow, 500 page book Wed, paper on Wed, test on Wed, 1500 word paper due next Wednesday, doctrinal statement due next Thursday….yeah, life is fun.

OK, I’m good now. Just needed to complain a little! I’m open to any sympathy anyone wants to give!

It was good to be back in classes today, though. Hebrews was especially good.
“It’s important not to let someone’s words influence you more than God and His Word, because He is the only one who knows your motives.”
“Jesus is full of grace and truth. If people are to accept the truth, they must also see the grace.”
“The real test of character is what you do when no one else is watching.”

Comments….No, Mom, they didn’t make me wear a silly hat…thankfully!  Maybe it was ’cause it was more like a reception type thing?  I’m not sure…  Mrs. G, the wedding is in almost 4 months exactly!  Timothy — you calling me your little sister!??!!  I’ll have you know I AM older than you!  As far as height goes…well, let’s NOT go there!


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