Status of life:

The status of my life at this moment:
Cults exam:  Finished.  It was pretty good.  I did all right.  Knew way more references than I actually needed, but I put them all in anyway, hoping that maybe, maybe he’ll give me extra marks for them, maybe???
508 page Hebrews book:  Finished!!!!!!!  Finished 2 minutes before Jerry called last night.
Wedding invitations: 15 will be sent out tomorrow!
Bulletin for this week:  Typed, printed, photocopied, and distributed.
Suitcase from March break:  Still sitting on the floor in my room…no, I haven’t unpacked yet.  Too much to do, and I can’t handle the stress that will come if I haul everything out of it but don’t have time to put everything away!  Mess causes me stress….see, it even rhymes!

On the agenda for tonight:  Read my Wiersbe book that I’ll need to read for my Corinthians paper due next Wednesday, and study for an OT test tomorrow.  And a phone call, of course…providing his cell works.

I’m off to read!


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