A guest post

Consider yourself privileged, Mister!  I happened to get your comment right away, and decided that, in a spirit of generosity and benevolence, I would grant your wish and make it a real post.

Thus, the following…..

I wish I had the password to SOMEBODY’S blog, but being as I don’t, I’ll just post it here.


Hey everybody, I got a wedding invitation. A fancy one. From my sister. She’s getting married. In July. And the invitation is on nice fancy paper, with ribbon and big words and fancy fonts (I can’t quite read it all, but I think it said something about marriage, and I think I’m invited).

Hey Lois, I’m coming to your wedding. Can you put me on the list? And, while you’re at it, I’d appreciate having some accommodations over there as well – hope I’m not too late (it said first come first served). Hey – can I get a picture of the bride too? And, maybe, maybe I could be in the picture with her?! That would be swell.

With fingers crossed, Your brother


13 thoughts on “A guest post

  1. WOW! Thank you, my dear sister! I’m honoured.

    And now, the reason I came back to your blog, is because I had an idea. A VERY GOOD idea.

    Y’know, I’m glad you’re feeling in such a generous and benevolent mood. Maybe you’ll grant the (unspoken) request in my next paragraph.

    I think I should give a speech at your wedding. Not just any speech, mind you, but a REAL speech. An honest-to-goodness speech which befits the importance of such a grand and celebratory occasion.

    I could wax eloquent on the eloquent fair speech of my fair sister, and praise you to the height of the skies. I could share the delights of the wonderful sister I have, and of the amazing abundance of actual acts she has actually happened to bestow upon me, her poor, neglected, hapless brother. And I could speak and elaborate upon the glorious future in store for my dearest, most loved sister and her most handsome young friend, the one-and-only Mr. Jerry. And then there’s………..and I’ll end with the most classic of all refrains – They lived happily ever after!

  2. Awe… Sweet once again! If you don’t trust him, Lois, to give a speech at your wedding, just offer to type if for him – and do it in fancy font! That seems to be his weakness! 🙂 He won’t be able to read it – but then – he might ad lib….. hmmmm….. guess I don’t have any advice for you!

  3. Well, now, a brother of Lois?—I do think we have a spot for him somewhere here! –like maybe in his own bed with his little brother?? Looking forward to it!!
    And the speech? Well, maybe it would need to be proofread by a veteran teacher of his so as the average citizen can understand it??!! 🙂

  4. I don’t know about that, M. I might have a hard time sleeping in the same room with someone who is so loquacious, vociferous, and garrulous. 😛

  5. WOW!!!!
    I had to use a dictionary to understand your post Tim!
    Good job, M, on the education of your students!

  6. I agree with Mrs. Steele!

    Wow, M! – maybe I need to come and learn at your feet on teaching vocabulary! 🙂

    Sounds like your home will be a very special place to be during the wedding time…. I’m sure you’ll all create really special memories!

  7. Well, now, I honestly can’t take any credit for those words!! I don’t recall them from any of the spelling lists I gave–in fact I had to look them up myself!! I think I should get Timothy to proof-read that wonderful speech!!
    As to the sleeping in your room with you–be thankful he doesn’t talk in his sleep–at least not too much!!! 🙂

  8. FINALLY!!!! I always knew I wasn’t the only person in our house with bombastic tendencies. Hey Tim, let’s write a speech together!!

    Mrs G, did you insult my intelligence with your comment about my inability to read fancy fonts? I’m a little concerned here… God made me just the way I am, and I’m SPECIAL. So there!!

  9. Hmmmm, Andrew…… did I insult your intelligence with my comment about your inability to read fancy fonts?….. well – I certainly didn’t MEAN to INSULT you…

    Do you FEEL insulted? I am truly apologetic, remorseful, contrite, repentant, rueful, regretful, penitent, and sorry.

  10. nah – not really – my secret is that I spent 10 minutes researching in a thesaurus! LOL!

    I was just trying to communicate across our cultures to you and speak your language… but it’s NOT my natural language… now fancy fonts – that’s MY language…. OR should we both be speaking from our common real culture?… God’s culture! 🙂

  11. HEY LOIS! GUESS WHAT I GOT IN THE MAIL FRIDAY????? A beautiful invitation… AND a personal note!!!!!

    And I don’t think the fonts are too fancy at all! Just RIGHT! – but we’ll let that go!

    hey – Ashley says that she’s not the perfect MK and can play the lottery for me!…. 🙂

  12. okay – I’d probably still have trouble buying the plane ticket because she gambled… I’m too much the good MK! or at least TRYING to be the good MK!

    God’s much more trustworthy than the lottery! (Can you tell I’m back pedaling???!!!)

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