My Doctrinal Statement is done!!!!  D-O-N-E!!!!  My life began again today at 4:50 PM, when I ran over to Mr. Brain to turn it in.  Ahhhhhh…..what a delicious feeling!

I liked the feeling of accomplishment so much that I promptly sat down tonight and finished up my chapter titles too, which aren’t due till April 14.  But they’re done, and typed, and ready to be handed in also, which makes me happy inside.  🙂  I love Audio Bible!

Now I need to go study for a Church History test tomorrow, and then write an article for the bulletin for Monday, and then study for my Hebrews test on Monday, and then work on 2 assignments for Tuesday…guess I’m not out of the forest yet.  Forest?  Trees?  Bush?  What is that saying?  I think I’ve got it wrong.

Anyhow, I’m off to study!


4 thoughts on “D-O-N-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I wish I had the password to SOMEBODY’S blog, but being as I don’t, I’ll just post it here.


    Hey everybody, I got a wedding invitation. A fancy one. From my sister. She’s getting married. In July. And the invitation is on nice fancy paper, with ribbon and big words and fancy fonts (I can’t quite read it all, but I think it said something about marriage, and I think I’m invited).

    Hey Lois, I’m coming to your wedding. Can you put me on the list? And, while you’re at it, I’d appreciate having some accommodations over there as well – hope I’m not too late (it said first come first served). Hey – can I get a picture of the bride too? And, maybe, maybe I could be in the picture with her?! That would be swell.

    With fingers crossed,
    Your brother

  2. it’s “out of the woods”!!!!
    Man! I haven’t been on here in a while! Hey andrew, guess what? I got a wedding invitation too!!!!! ain’t it exciting?! I’m gonna go too. maybe i’ll get a picture of the bride. and maybe if i take a halo i’ll get to get a picture with the bride! dat would be COOL!!!

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