I’m D…O…N…E!

This is a monumental moment. I have just printed my final paper and it is now sitting neatly (hang on a second — there we go, now I didn’t just tell a lie) on the corner of my dresser, waiting to be handed in during class tomorrow. Whoa. I am done. (Well, not quite — Mrs. M always tells us to be sure not to “check out” mentally before we can actually do so physically, and trust me, she’s right about that! If you do, the last weeks are torture, plain and simple. ANYWAY….) Yeah. I’m done. This is quite the feeling. Actually, I’m not even sure what I’m feeling, other than my body hurting all over ’cause I nearly had the flu today (but don’t worry, I think I managed to fight it off — I think — I hope). I’ll see if it’s sunk in yet by tomorrow. No more papers!!! I am so excited!!!

Nonetheless, this last assignment, or group of assignments, was really good. We had to read Hebrews, read a 500 page book on Hebrews, do an 18 page booklet of questions on Heb. 11, and then finally write a 2000 word paper on faith. I am left going, “Whoa! So cool!” Take Abraham, for example. He lived in a land that God had told him was his — it was the promised land — yet had not told him to conquer, so he didn’t. He spent the rest of his life in a land that was technically his, though not practically. That is exactly like the believer! Positionally, we are in Christ, but practically, we are not there yet. We are still held back by our bodies of sin, and still trapped in this earthly world. However, we live with our eyes fixed on those “things hoped for.” We live looking ahead to what God has promised, just as Abraham did. I thought that was the coolest thing ever — Abraham was exactly like us, in that way!

So yeah….Bible school has definitely been worth the not-fun, stretching, difficult times. I like learning. Just sometimes the process of it clouds my view.

I uploaded a bunch of pictures onto Facebook, for those of you who have been asking about pictures from Spring Banquet and our eastern wedding shower.


5 thoughts on “I’m D…O…N…E!

  1. Wow, so you’re finally done! That’s great! Good to hear from you on your blog! I enjoy it! I’m glad Bible school was an life changing experience for you.

  2. 🙂 I’m proud of you! You’re finishing well!

    It was great to be reminded of the lesson you shared on our position… now I need to continue to act on that position!

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