Brief update on life…

Update on life:
Classes will be officially finished, as of Tuesday.  We’ve got 5 exams on Wed, Thurs, and Friday, and by Saturday our rooms have to be packed and clean.  Since I’m such a slow, methodical, meticulous, organized packer (sometimes that seems to be a curse!) I started tonight already.  I will have to be ruthless with getting rid of stuff.  But, that will be a blessing in disguise, I am sure…though it is a rather painful process…

I am glad to be able to actually do wedding planning now and not feel guilty that I’m not doing homework!

No, Timothy, I don’t know how to send pics to people who aren’t on Facebook…can you tell me?  I know there’s a way to do it, but I don’t know it.  And while you’re at it, how do you post videos on Facebook?

I am blogging ’cause I’m not sleepy now that I need to go to bed, ’cause I took that nap this afternoon, but now I think my brain is finally beginning to shut down, so I shall depart and go to sleep.


3 thoughts on “Brief update on life…

  1. This is a comment for all your April 19th posts.

    VERY nice pics! And nice to get the update on your life. Looking forward to when you are back in the west and we might actually have the possibility of a visit!

  2. wow – I checked everyday – and nothing new… then all of a sudden, I’m 4 posts behind! tricky!

    can’t believe that time is ticking away that quickly! Just realized that we’d be crossing the border about now today if this was a normal year… but with what’s gone on around us lately – I’m glad God knows all and has allowed us to be home…

    May God give you excellent recall as you take your final – really FINAL – exams! May He give you His grace for all the emotions you’ll experience in the next week! May you find that you’ve added precious jewels to your treasure chest of friends, rather than think about all the goodbyes you’ll have to give.

  3. I like how you put that Mrs. G. I do hate goodbyes, but I need to remember that they are worth it when you stop and think that saying goodbye is better than never having said hello. I am blessed with a treasure chest of friends all across North America!

    There is one goodbye I am not looking forward to especially. Lois, you have become a wonderful friend – a definate treasure. I will miss you being so close by and getting to see you on all your breaks! But I also rejoice in the life you are about to enter. And guess what?! You will be my sister soon!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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