Naptime discoveries

So, today I realized something. It was quite a profound discovery, actually.

You see, I am a morning person (if I get enough sleep). My alarm goes off and I can get up and be going in 10-20 seconds. Apparently other people do not function like I do. They use the snooze button on their alarm clock a lot. Me, I figure that if you’re going to hit the snooze button 4 times, you might as well just set your alarm for 20 minutes later that you did originally and enjoy a solid 20 minutes of sleep rather than fitful sleep interrupted every 5 minutes by an alarm. Then when your alarm goes off, just get up. How difficult can it be?! Or so goes my reasoning.

Well, I had a nap this afternoon. School taught me how to take naps. You need them here (though not so much as last year when it was mandatory 6 AM rising). Anyhow…that’s a bunny trail. Back to the topic. I took a nap. Woke up 45 minutes later. Knew I should get up. Didn’t. Woke up half an hour later. Knew I should get up. Couldn’t. Felt so groggy and dead and sleepy. “Get up??? Are you crazy!?!?” It takes me a good hour to thoroughly wake up from a nap during the day. I feel dead and disoriented and totally out of it for a long time. It’s almost not worth the nap, though the nap does mean that after that hour, I feel more alive than I did before the nap, so it’s worth it. So I’m lying there, trying to psych myself into getting up and wishing it weren’t torture, and then suddenly realized — “Hey — this is what non-morning people go through in the morning!” Suddenly I could understand their position a lot better.

So, I hereby apologize to all those who are not morning people. I think I now realize what you go through, I will not be quite so quick to laugh at you!


4 thoughts on “Naptime discoveries

  1. Well, I am a morning person like you, but occasionally, I do, like you discovered, realize just how they do it. So, I can’t laugh either!

  2. Thank you!! Now you understand me perfectly! I don’t use the snooze button, but it sure is a battle 99% of the time!! Doesn’t that make you admire us–that we get up at all?? 🙂

  3. I am a morning person who has been married to a night person for almost 27 years! The result is that I’m now neither morning or night….

    Though my hubby still says that my ability to sing and talk in the morning has not changed over the years…

  4. I’m only writing this to check the box below… (it’s been awhile – so I’ve forgotten what to do!) 🙂 –

    whoa – almost forgot again!

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