Me and my piano — we’re tight!

Classes are DONE as of today!  The bell rang to signal the end of class…I felt a thrill of excitement run through my body…I looked across the aisle…Jeff opened his fingers and dropped his pen in a very deliberate manner, and looked over at me.  We both knew exactly what the other was thinking.  “DONE!!!!!!!!!”

School, however, is NOT done.  We have 5 exams in the next 3 days, and I spent a lot of quality time with my Hebrews and I Corinthians notes this evening!

I will also be spending MAJOR quality time with the piano in the next few days.  Found out today that the pianist for the Mixed Trio will not be here for Conference.  Soooo, they need a new pianist.  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  I spent time going over their songs this morning, then again with their pianist (“they hold this note here, and they speed it up here — not sure why, but they do!  And over here Button sings alone, and you follow her timing……”  Yeah, you get the point), then sat in on one of their practices, then photocopied music so I could write my little codes on it, then practiced again after supper for about an hour…  Yeah…I will be spending major quantity time with the piano too!

I finished typing all the senior’s testimonies for the yearbook, though, and handed them all in to the yearbook editor.  That produced a very satisfied feeling of accomplishment!

My life for the next 4 days will consist of studying, exams, piano, and packing.  After that it will be minus the exams and studying (YAY!), plus cleaning and more packing, and double the piano practicing!  Did I ever mention that I am NOT a good sight reader at all???  This is going to be fun.  But I am looking forward to it a lot.  I get to play for my favorite school music group!  I think THAT’S cool!  I love the way their voices blend.

Well, I’m off to study a little more till Jerry calls, and then hit the sack.


8 thoughts on “Me and my piano — we’re tight!

  1. Your energy – (or is it your inability to say “no”) wears me out! I probably did the same type of stuff when I graduated…

    actually – I had been able to test out of Freshman Music classes, so I ended up working to graduate from the 4 yr music program in 3 years… the only problem was that the Bible courses weren’t able to be tested out of (not that I could have) – so I had some really heavy credit semesters! One of the ways that I did this was to complete some of the Bible courses by correspondence. All this to say that I recall turning in the final test for the last course on the day of graduation! whew!

    Then – 2 weeks later I married the love of my life! 🙂

    I suppose all this is why I have very little recollection of our college graduation! LOL! So – I hope you can definitely enjoy and savor each day for what God has in each for you!

  2. Just had to come over here to see who this other “Lois” is who sometimes comments on Amy’s blog! 🙂 I also play the piano… basically for church. However, I am probably around 3+ times your age. 🙂 And my name doesn’t show up in brown to link to a blog.
    nice to meet you!

  3. ok, so I’m not really sure how to reply to your email…so will put this here:

    wow, that was quick. (my last name starts with an L by the way–not sure what the thingy gave you) and the reason a blog doesn’t show up is cause I don’t have one! lol. Maybe when we really do retire…but not quite there yet. But even then, there may be more stuff absorbing my time and I’ll just make comments in other people’s blogs!

    Where is Bible school and where is home?

  4. Sweet!!!! Somebody else with my name! Or maybe I have her name, ’cause she came first….I dunno!

    Mrs. G, I could’ve said no to the Trio, except…I didn’t want to! I’m looking forward to this. It’s just going to take a whole whack of a lot of work. And my young-ness will carry me through (I hope, otherwise I’m going to crash REAL soon!) I’m jealous that YOU got to marry the love of your life only 2 weeks after grad, though…. 😦 I still have a lot more days than that left!

  5. 😥 I want to see/hear you play too!!!!

    So glad your family… or at least most of them can go!

    And the days until you marry the love of your life will go fast! Just imagine how crazy your days would be if the wedding was only 2 weeks away!

  6. Yeah, I guess you’re right, Mrs. Steele. Man, if I had a wedding in two weeks I WOULD be going crazy!
    I wish you could come hear the Trio too…and not ’cause I’m playing! I love the way their voices blend, though.

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