Studying for exams…my brain is seriously starting to hurt, and I’ve still got 3 left! We had two exams today — I Cor. we expected to be easy, and Hebrews we were all scared of. Well, turns out everyone in the class probably only got half marks on the I Corinthians exam because he asked something we were TOTALLY not expecting at all! (So at least if I’m going down, so is everyone else in the class. Misery loves company! And it’s much nicer to sink your boat when you have people with you!) And then Hebrews was WAY easier than we expected. So, what to expect tomorrow I have NO idea!
Back to the books….


2 thoughts on “Exams…

  1. Well???? Are you done???? I am thinking you must be since it is now about 4:30 pm your time…..

    Congratulations!!! I was expecting a post as soon you were actually finished that last exam…. but maybe you had an appointment with Mr. Piano instead 😉

    Hope your weekend is extra special!

  2. You should be done now! (hmmm… Just read the comment above…. so I’m not sounding very new… sigh)

    Anyway – I hope that your weekend is special (yeah – just like the comment above… sigh)

    Love you!

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