Wrote my last exam of this week, last exam of this semester, last exam of this year, and last exam of my Bible school career this morning!!!! Wow…that was one important exam! I sat in exactly the same spot where I sat for the first class of my first year.  Beside Melody, who sat beside me all first semester of my first year.  It was a momentous occasion, so we took a picture.

Finished in 15 minutes (it was an easy exam — like most all of our OT exams) and proceeded to run around like a maniac for the next 45 minutes, preparing food for our senior picnic and packing it up, talking to people, calling Mrs. M, typing up instructions for packing and cleaning the dorms tomorrow, getting my stuff together, saying goodbye to one of my girls who is leaving early and then RUNNING to make sure I got in the van and they didn’t leave me behind!

Had a lovely day — the weather was perfect for the picnic, after it warmed up up a bit.  Sun was beautiful.  Fun drive.  Fun shopping companions (McTom and Ron) when we went to the mall…

Holed up in my room tonight — Lois’ method of de-stressing involves ALONE, shocking as that may be.  Lynne is the total opposite…I think I baffle her sometimes!  Contemplated how much I’m going to miss MDP this summer.

MDP was EXACTLY what I needed after school these past 2 years.  Going from a year of meetings, classes, chapels, deadlines, stress, pressure, responsibilities, struction, regulations, etc. to MDP was amazing!  My sole responsibilities were to show up for meals, and be at class and the craft room on time.  That’s it.  Nothing else required.  There were extras, but they were optional.  (oh, wait, and there was church too, but that’s typical)

It was exactly what I needed.  To go from always sitting still in structured events to sitting and listening quietly only once a week (in church) was such a relief!  The walks back and forth from the Dining Hall to our lodge did my heart good.  I needed nature after being cooped up.  Being active and crazy and laughing and having fun with the kids was exactly what I needed.  Lots of alone time to recuperate from the year of intense people-interaction was what I needed to replenish my soul.  Lots of God time to fill me up again.  Lots of laughter with the crazy amazing people I work with.  New jewels to add to my treasure chest….  Yeah, MDP was definitely a God-thing these past two years.  I am so thankful for my months there.


9 thoughts on “DONE!!!!!!

  1. and here I thought that it was the games and the long night talks! 🙂

    or are you trying to block both of those out? especially all the Dutch Blitz games you lost to me!

  2. Nature and laughing with children can all be arranged…. just at a different “bay” 🙂

    The alone time… well that would have to be figured out!

    On second thought….. nothing will compare or come close to being a good replacement for the MDP time!

    The Lord will just show you a different method of achieving exactly what you need in this transition time between school and marriage.

    Look forward to it! It will be exactly what you need! There I go …. did my preaching for the day! 🙂

  3. Well…my dearest, maybe no MDP this year to destress you, but you will not have to sit and listen to anything or have meetings and structure no longer. Now you get to wedding plan YAY! and get married–a bigger YAYAYAYAY….I think that will be MDP;)

  4. I didn’t have time to do a post. I’m off to the Airport to meet some very important people! I think you might know them Lois! 🙂

  5. Hey April!

    Give them our greetings!

    PLEASE take pictures for us! 🙂 Cheer and applaud loud enough for all of us who can’t go to the grad!

  6. Dear Mrs. G, I didn’t read your post until today. But rest assured I gave a little cheer when they called her name! When I get home from work, I’ll give her a special hug & congratulations from you.

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