I’m totally dead tired, but wanted to drop in and say yes, I’m still alive!

Tonight was weird.  I babysat the kids that I would’ve babysat at MDP, if I had gone, and if MDP was happening this year, which it’s not.  Yet I ended up with them tonight in the classroom  Weird.  Totally weird.  God has a funny sense of humor!

Conference is going full tilt.  Family arrives tomorrow, and my man hopefully on Saturday.  GRADUATION ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Update

  1. I was thinking…. If there had been MDP this year, they wouldn’t have been at your conference… go figure!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. The family is here! For all of you who aren’t able to be here, I can report to you that the subject is her usual self (hint, nudge, wink). Pray for me – I need it. She was back-talking quite a bit yesterday – I may need to reinforce some of the ground rules from way back…

    Tomorrow somebody special walks down the aisle for the first of two times this summer. I’m glad she’s getting some practice before the BIG day!

    May I be the first to offer my congratulations upon this blog? Congratulations Lois! God bless you as go on to the rest of life!


  3. You and me both Tim! 😥

    But yes! Congratulations Lois!!! And you too Tim!!! Your day is not too far off either!!! Way to go … both of you!

  4. You’ve graduated! YAY!!!!!! I’m awaiting pictures to be uploaded :-).

    I know you’re in the process of moving, just know that you’re in my thoughts!

  5. Just to let everyone know, she has graduated. I was there and I done saw it myself! She stood on stage, walked the aisle, received the diploma (we won’t say if it was the right one or not…), gave a BEAUTIFUL speech, and proceeded to hug all the boys and cry lots of tears (from what I saw, anyway…). Mind you, I didn’t see her hug Jerry. Hmmm… Anyway, I’m proud of her. She’s a great sister.

    Way to go Lois! See you soon!

  6. Thanks for sharing, Andrew! Wish we had been there! Maybe she should put her speech on her blog so that we ALL can hear (read) it!…

    and – not the right diploma???? hmmm…. I think someone needs to explain! 🙂

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