Christmas? Home? Dreaming?? I don’t know!!!

It is May 19 today.  It is well past garden-planting time.  The ice is off the lake.  According to all logic, we should be entering SUMMERTIME now!

However…it snowed today.  At least 2 inches.  Maybe 3.  We played Christmas music today, in an effort to psych ourselves into thinking this was ok and there was no need to be depressed.  I put on my warm sweater that I always wear at Christmas.  As I looked out my bedroom window at the snow thick on the evergreens in our backyard, I contemplated how much it felt like it was Christmas, and pondered the idea that perhaps this is all a dream.  Have I actually graduated from school?  I am actually HOME, preparing for my wedding, or is it just Christmas Break and I have dreamed that I graduated and finished?

I guess I will see where I wake up tomorrow morning!


5 thoughts on “Christmas? Home? Dreaming?? I don’t know!!!

  1. if you are back to Christmas break… you’ll have to wait longer to get married!

    However, it doesn’t surprise me… (the snow) because at MDP, we usually see at least one day of snow with enough to make snow sculptures that last about 1/2 a day.

  2. Hey Lois!!!
    Merry Christmas!!! We have Christmas at our house too!!! Loving it!!!! Cool, clean and beautiful! (But then … I am one of very few who claim winter as their favorite season!)

    It is still snowing…. the kids want to dig out all the winter clothes we packed away….. I am not to excited about that idea!

    Enjoy the fresh crisp world. Soon enough we will be sweltering and wishing for a cool place to hide! 🙂

  3. Hmmm… should I or should I not?
    East versus West… well, if you wanted to compare… 🙂 today would be a good day to do it! Today, I vote East. Don’t agree? Try this – imagine yourself relaxing in a lawn chair on your deck, a glass of lemonade in your hand, an only slightly cool breeze, lovely blue skies with lazy white clouds floating by, beautiful sunshine brightening the green grass and illuminating the new leaves and spring flowers, a theometer registering 23+!!! Welcome to Sunny New Brunswick! Tourists & Visitors Welcome!!! Oh, did I forget to mention that it is suppose to be +30 tomorrow? 😉 🙂 I think plane tickets are on sale! 🙂 Christmas or Summer – it’s your choice!!!

  4. April, no kidding! That’s ridiculous. Don’t make us jealous!

    Lois, don’t listen to her – resist the bribery. I happen to remember some previous posts about the “lovely” weather in NB!

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