Hi!  I am alive!  (I know, it’s sad when all my posts start like that!)

We went to visit Grandpa who is dying of cancer, so we were gone about 5 days.  It was sad, stressful, tough, and painful.  Brought back many memories from when Grandma died and made those feel very fresh again.  It was good to see uncles and aunts and cousins and extended relatives again, though.

Guess where I’m going this week!?  I’m going to visit the STEELES!!!!!!!!  (Mrs. G, are you jealous?!)  I’m excited to be seeing them soon.  It’s been a long time.  A LOOONG time.

It is no longer snowing here…I am glad!  It was sunny today, though not really warm, but it feels slightly  more like summer than before.  Ig uess I’m just expecting too much of Alberta weather.  Usually I’m up at MDP and it doesn’t really warm up to HEAT kind of weather till mid-June, so I DO need to have a little more patience!

I cleaned my room yesterday and sorted a ton of stuff and threw a ton of stuff away.  It’s crazy how much I collect!  It was a good feeling to get rid of a lot, though.  It made me feel less stressed mentally!

Guess who I’m seeing on Saturday???  MY MAN!!!!!!  (yes, I’m excited 🙂 )


5 thoughts on “HI

  1. Wow, this post is 4 days old and nobody has posted yet?! Amazing! Well, guess who I’m going to see in 15 minutes?? My sister’s man! He came to visit me!! Now how cool is that? Sorry Lois, you’ll just have to wait a little longer 😉

  2. Guess who’s here!!!! Yes!!!! Both of them!!!!

    That is why I have time to blog!!! They are too busy visiting each other!!!!

    Now do you feel better … Mrs G?

  3. Hi – I’ve been away… but now I’m back… I hope… I’m still on my hubby’s laptop… Mine was getting fixed. It should be here in an hour or so…

    So – Steeles got a visit and I didn’t…. sigh…. I think there is nation prejudice going on here!

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