I is happy :)

By the way….MY MAN IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what else?  We are finished with long good-byes!


10 thoughts on “I is happy :)

  1. nice ATTEMPT at poetry Andrew. i think that either you are either color blind or you’ve got weird clouds at your place!!!!

  2. My most sincere apologies to you;
    In my haste to ryhme,
    I forgot that clouds are not blue –
    I’m not perfect all the time!

  3. ah… I thought that you were perfect, Andrew! I’m disappointed! I thought that all MKs were perfect! 🙂 Just ask any of us! (except Miss Steele – who pointed out your difference of perspective on the color of clouds)

  4. There – that’s it exactly – IT’S A DIFFERENCE OF PERSPECTIVE!

    Take THAT, Miss Steele! I wasn’t wrong, I just have a different perspective on the color of the clouds. Don’t you know what it means to be tolerant of other people and their opinions and beliefs?

    Mrs. G, thank you so much for saving my bacon. I’ll owe you a debt forever (that’s about as long as it takes for me to wait for the next meal when I’m hungry!!!)

  5. Yikes! Don’t get me involved in a discussion of tolerance of people, opinions, and beliefs!

    Perspective – I can live with, but not tolerance… 🙂

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