OOOOoookay, my blog is getting out of control and there are only two people on it!  Well, I don’t know if Miss Steele is commenting on it right now too (she’s on the opposite end of the table right now), but hopefully she will be good!

First off, my jeans are okay now!  Yes, that makes me happy!

And, MRS. STEELE, I will have you know we have only spent about 15 minutes alone ALL day!  We went to the mail with YOUR kids (a lot of ’em), visited YOUR mother, visited YOUR sister, went to the lake with YOUR kids (April, see, we’ve got lots of chaperones here too!), and now I’m sitting at YOUR kitchen table, with YOU and my man is outside with YOUR husband.  So there.

Point made.


Andrew, I will forgive you because you kept my man for night.  And you’re extra forgiven because you let him leave early in the morning so he could get here in time to finish breakfast with us.

And Miss Steele, thank-you for sticking up for me!


10 thoughts on “Responses

  1. Who said I was sticking up for you?!?!?!?!
    Anyway…it was more like 20 minutes alone. you should be thankful given the amount of children in this home!

  2. WHAT?!?!?!?!?! I thought this was the one time in my life you were actually sticking up for me!!!!


    Anyway, yes, I am thankful for those 20 minutes. Thank-you 🙂

  3. you’re welcome!(not like i was responsible for it!!!!)

    I’m sure that I have stuck up for you sometimes. like when veronica wants to scare your socks off and i say that we better not! i think that happened. not 100% sure, maybe it was the other way around!!!! i’m sure i’ve stuck up for you before, it was just so traumatic that i blocked it from my memory!

  4. Wow, activity has sure picked up on here since Jerry arrived. Funny, I would have expected the opposite. Weird. Oh well, I don’t there’s a lot of logic being practiced by CERTAIN people at the moment. I they’re PRE-OCCUPIED by each OTHER. So we can expect out-of-the-ordinary things to happen! Too bad I’m missing all the fun!

  5. hmmm…. I’ve missed a LOT! sigh… Hey – Lois! got an idea! Why don’t YOU give me administration rights? You’ll be WAY too busy with a wedding AND honeymoon! You can trust ME! 🙂

  6. hey, Andrew! what about all that you wrote… my saving your bacon, etc… ? eh?!!!!! You sure don’t stay very loyal! (insert angry eyes here!)

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