Back in the East

Yes, this is a post.  Don’t fall over dead!

I’m back in the east!  Jerry stepped off the plane into the hot, muggy air, and went, “Ahhhhh!”  I stepped off, wrinkled my nose in disgust, and said, “Ewwww!”  It’s been ridiculously muggy here.  For an Alberta girl, that’s an adjustment!  I’m not even going to attempt to wrestle my hair into curls for the wedding tomorrow!  I know better, with this weather!  (hey Mom, I’ll trade you hair for the weekend!)

Yes, I am here for my roommate’s wedding.  And Jerry is with me!  Rehearsal last night was interesting.  It’s weird knowing that we will be in their places in three weeks.  I bought a certain man a wedding ring just before we flew here….it’s in my suitcase…a double wedding is a REAL tempting thought!  But we’re too close to elope now, so don’t worry!

Went for a boat ride last night.  Ahhh!!  I love feeling the wind on my face, and smelling the ocean.  Beautiful! 

I’m having fun with time change.  Yuck!  I do NOT miss that part of flying back and forth between the east and the west!  No matter how long I sleep in in the morning, I still wake up feeling horrible, and no matter how hard I try to get to bed early, I can’t sleep for hours.  Fun. 

Oh well.  I am happy, because I have a fan directly above my bed, and that means I won’t die from the heat 🙂


3 thoughts on “Back in the East

  1. Happy for you! Enjoy the time. You’re kind of blessed, I think – you get to observe two weddings right before you do yours. That must mean yours will be perfect, because you can learn from everybodyelse’s “mistakes”!!! I guess it’s not so fun waiting your turn; but maybe the anticipation and excitement will be greater!!

    Have fun in the East!

    PS – don’t lose that ring!

  2. Yeah, it’s nice to watch two weddings right before ours. We can learn lots — like NOT having lots of big candles and blowing them out during the reception — right under the smoke detector, and setting off the alarms in the Main Building!

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