It’s coming together!

Well, we are back from galavanting around the country!  The wedding in the east was beautiful!  Strange, in a way…like a trial run for our own wedding, because both Jerry & I were standing up for them.  It was lovely, anyhow.

We’re back home now.  I’m sleeping like a ROCK till 8 AM and feeling like I’m sleeping in till 11.  I love coming home from the east!  Nights are so much better!

It’s so cool to see wedding plans coming together now.  Concrete details are actually in place…honeymoon details are falling into place, or so my  man tells me!  It’s been beautiful and sunny since we got home.  Had a lovely relaxing day yeterday, accomplishing lots, yet relaxing.  I am praying for two things for our wedding day.  No rain, because our photographer is much more comfortable with outside shots than inside ones, and I am also praying for PLEASE no fishflies!


3 thoughts on “It’s coming together!

  1. Guess what? I figured out how to check messages on our new phones! and guess what? I heard a voice from my past! AND I MISSED IT!!!!! Sorry we weren’t home to help that day… we were in Michigan for 3 1/2 weeks for deputation and my laptop was in the “dr’s” office….

  2. I forgive you, Mrs. G! Sorry to hear you’re so sick. Don’t pull anymore of those MDP stunts I heard about, okay? Get better soon!

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