Details, details, details….

Still pulling details together.  Making phone calls.  Making lists.  Making calendars.  Confirming guest lists.  Missing my man (’cause he went to the mountains with his family for a couple days).  Taking note of how other weddings are done (there was one here at KWT just yesterday).

Note to self: Do not have lots of big candles at the reception.  Also, if you do, make sure they will last all the way through and not have to be blown out partway through the reception.  Because if you blow out 20 candles that are right behind the head table, the smoke detector above the head table will be alerted to smoke in the area.  This in turn causes the fire alarm in the KWT Main Building to start going off.  To the 125 people in the lounge, especially those seated directly under the fire alarm, it is a deafening noise.  If all of the above happens, be sure that SOMEONE with keys is around.  And it would be an excellent idea if that person with keys also knows which key to use to open the little brain box, and what to do to make the alarm be quiet again.

Yes.  Note to self: Do NOT have very many candles that may need to be blown out halfway through the reception!

As I was saying, you can learn LOTS from other people’s weddings!


3 thoughts on “Details, details, details….

  1. Wow… yes, indeed! There is much we can learn from EVERY situation… whether what to do or what not to do! But just think how fun it will be for that couple to retell this story to their children over and over again! 🙂 Life is like that!

  2. oh – by the way – You will find that planning your wedding can be like parenting… I thought that I fixed everything I felt my parents had not done right, and instead, ended up making more of my own unique errors in parenting… yes – I avoided some (didn’t avoid others, I’ve found as I get older), but added new ones to the mix!

    Offer the wedding to God and enjoy the ride! 🙂 He created you to enjoy the details, and He will honor that, I believe… I also believe that God enjoys making us smile. Even though I know what my kids’ gift lists for Christmas are, I enjoy getting at least one gift for them that they aren’t expecting, but I know that they’ll enjoy… the surprise.. Perhaps God is like that, too.

    Whatever happens – remember – this too shall pass! 🙂 You will always have a choice – especially as the bride… You can make the day worse for everyone by having a major meltdown when something unexpected happens OR you can make the day better for everyone by “rolling with the punches” so-to-speak… finding a way to CHOOSE JOY (go figure! 🙂 ) From what I know about you, I think that you’ll do splendidly at choosing the joy! Perhaps that’s what God has preparing you for this past 3 years…

    ok – got my bit of advice out of the way – it’s been awhile since I’ve given anything constructive here! LOL!

    Enjoy this last days . . . treasure them in your heart… praying for you!

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