I AM alive!

Mrs. G, take special note.  This next sentence is for you to hear.  I am blogging.  And Jerry is beside me.  So HA!  I CAN blog when he’s here!  🙂

Spent the day alternately going crazy, with Jerry calming me down, and then accomplishing a lot!  Looked at photography spots, met with the secretary at the church, met with a florist, met with life insurance people (don’t worry, we’re not planning to die!), had a pre-marital counseling session, looked into who has the best bank accounts to offer, printed off charts and lists (yes, I AM a “C”), Jerry planned more of the honeymoon (but he has secrets he’s still refusing to tell me!), called my cake-maker and decided on what we want for that, planned a trip to the city, called my good friends Telus (NOT!!!!), then gave up in frustration and Jerry told me to leave them for his expert sister to deal with, made millions of phone calls, Jerry made millions more (I think he got more crossed off his list today than I did!), and….I think I’m running out of steam and this is the worst run-on sentence in history, probably, so I’ll quit now.  Besides, Jerry is correcting my spelling beside me.  :S  Must’ve been homeschooled or something!

Whew!  OK, I feel better.  I guess we DID accomplish a lot today!  I’m wiped.  Off to bed.  Heading to the city brutally early tomorrow morning to pick up my favorite little adopted French sister who’s coming for my wedding!!!  And my Lean & Thorie, who are now officially married!!!

Off to bed. Hopefully I’ll sleep tonight…unlike the other night, when sleep finally came at 4:30 AM!


9 thoughts on “I AM alive!

  1. okay… I’m glad you can blog when Jerry is with you… now, I’d be impressed if you blogged on your honeymoon! 😉 Okay – the nosy part of me says, “definitely, we want to hear about certain parts of your honeymoon… like where you’re going, if you get poison ivy or anything… 🙂

    however… the counselor part of me says… “don’t you dare blog… leave the computer at home and truly enjoy just the two of you!”

    hmmmm…. guess I’ll leave it up to you! You COULD give someone permission to post pics ASAP for some of us…. sigh…

    You DID sound very productive today! Jerry, too! You’re doing great!

  2. oh, and by the way… if you get overwhelmed… remember that this time next week it will all be done and over, no matter how ready you felt or what could possible go NOT according to play…

  3. Ha, someone’s name is still in the “name” field. Let’s see, what should I say while I pretend to be April?

    I could get her in serious trouble right about now. But I better not – her brother knows where I sleep!

  4. It has to do with the privacy settings, I think the cookies. I clicked “clear private data” in the Tools menu, and it removed my name.

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