I’m Getting Married!!!!!

Yup.  That says it all!  14 more hours!


4 thoughts on “I’m Getting Married!!!!!

  1. hmmm… I suppose you’re officially married now! 🙂 Probably won’t hear from you for quite awhile, but…

    I figure some others might be quite so busy once everything is cleaned up, etc… so – I’m hoping SOMEONE will post some pictures SOMEWHERE… either here or on facebook! P-LLLLLLL – EEEEEEEEEEEEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSE!

  2. Sorry, Mrs. G, I’m going to bed late and getting up early, and still didn’t get any pictures myself – hopefully someday!!

    April, if I remember right, you have access to this blog – maybe you can give us an official update?

    As a brother, I can say that Lois and J have officially tied the knot and disappeared. They didn’t even tell ME where they were going!! Oh well, at least I got to drive them away from the reception…!

    They are a VERY happy couple – their plane won’t need much for engine power to stay in the clouds!!!

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