Blogging on the honeymoon…

Mrs. G, look!  LOOK!!!  I am blogging!  And I’m on my honeymoon!  Don’t worry, though, my priorites ARE okay — I’m feeling pretty sick and miserable (my pre-wedding cold came back to haunt me) so Jerry went to the store to get food and I stayed behind because it’s MISERABLE weather and my body refuses to move fast.

My dear African cousin, I’m sorry, but I won’t be posting any pics on Facebook till I get home.  I actually don’t have a single wedding picture of my own — so thanks for posting both here and on FB, April!

Yes, my brother declared himself to be trustworthy and was thus awarded with th task of helping us hide Jerry’s truck, and then driving us there afterward.  He had one moment of deviation, but thankfully came back to his senses very quickly!

My man — my husband, that is — WHOA!!! — is back again, and I am off.  I love this honeymoon thing 🙂


3 thoughts on “Blogging on the honeymoon…

  1. loving the honeymoon thing? don’t we all! LOL!

    sorry that you’re sick on your honeymoon… the good news is… you don’t have poison ivy (like one couple we heard of)! A cold is definitely cuddlable (I know -it’s not a word… but it works)..

    AND – miserable weather is conducive to cuddling! 😉

    now- Mr. G said, in response to your illness – “HA HA HA HA – that’s what you get for abandoning MDP!” He asked that I pass this along! LOL

    AND – thank you for your willingness to check in… Have you called your parents? I know as parents, it was nice to hear from the couple at some point… :-)”. .

    hey – email me (later is fine!) where your home will be and your address, please!

  2. How long IS this honeymoon thing?!!!! 🙂

    Ok – my hubby would say, “Roxie Jean!” so – I guess – go ahead and enjoy it!

    Hope you’re feeling better!

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