Good things and bad bugs

So, we have officially moved!  There are upsides and downsides to this moving thing.

One good thing is that we now have our own little space to call ours.  It is SO nice to have a little home!  We are living in my uncle & aunt’s motorhome — it’s probably nicer than any house we’ll ever own!  It’s so good to unpack and spread out and cook meals and take care of a place and do “wife” things.

One BAD thing is that we have moved into grasshopper country.  Now, Lois can handle bugs.  She can squish spiders, play with ladybugs, kill strawberry bugs, play with inchworms, etc. etc. etc.  But there is one critter I canNOT stand.  They’re disgusting, have no sense of direction or decency whatsoever, make me scream, freeze, yelp, run, avoid going outside, and much, much more.  And yes, they are grasshoppers.  And I have to walk through grasshopper popcorn to get to our motorhome all the time.  God has a funny sense of humor.  I’m really not sharing his humor right now, though!


5 thoughts on “Good things and bad bugs

  1. You should pluck off their wings and fry them up for dinner. I’m sure Jerry would love it. I’ve never tasted them, but Ben and Sherri quite enjoyed them:P

  2. Yes, your picture is absolutely lovely and dreamy is an excellent word to describe it. I suppose “dream come true” could also describe it!!

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